New Files, new Patchwork Creations, a new Book …

There are so many news! It will be a longer post.

But one after the other.

And before I start I want to thank you all for the feedback on our first BOM. It is overwhelming to read all your mails, comments both in Blog and on Facebook, to talk to you on phone. So many of you now started our joint project “Little Village Quilt”. The next blocks are already prepared so expect the next ones on-time.

Our Pinterest-Galerie started filling up, don’t stop sharing your ideas. Send me your pictures and I will upload them.

And now the news.

First news of course is todays new embroidery file. As you are aware of  on the market are only a few really good collections for little boys. So we decided to add our contribution for those little mischiefs.

I have the sketches in my desk for 3 years now. All the time they asked me: “C’mon, we want to get digitized”.

So the art work is done by Simsalabina.


I also want to take the chance to thank some of my Facebook friends for the spontaneous help-out in testing the files.

They, and my other testers again created a lot of cute design samples. Have a look at our Construction samples.

The new boys collection “Under Construction” is available from today in our Stickbaer Shop.


As I already said I am already done with BOM 2 and 3. But I also sewed and quilted some more things for our home.


This pillow is now on the bench in our dining room. Most time used by our cat Lilo. The table runner is for the dining table.

Table-Runner-2 Table-Runner-3

The appliques are done the classic way: ironed on to Vlisofix and applyed with comb stitch.

I cutted all out using the Accuquilt. Not only the flowers and leaves but also the squares.

It is so easy.


The quilting I did with my Sashiko.


I love all those little and big helpers, like the Accuquilt, the Sashiko, of course the sewing accessories like rulers in many sizes, cutters, stencils …

What I love too are my many books. I have a shelf in the living room with all my creativity books only.

There are authors where I am buying all issues. These include Debbie Mumm, Finnanger, Marie Suarez, Ute Menze…

I love to page through them. I am not working through the books from the beginning til the end. Sometimes it is only just a tiny detail that inspires my to totally new things. Like the above table runner. I found the quilted squares in one book and got a project.

Some books I have in my sewing room just because the are looking good.

One of my recent books is “Die fabelhafte Welt meiner Nähmaschine”  bySylvie Blondeau. (The fabulous world of my sewing machine)

This book has a different to me concept. You can not only position it upwards so you can read it when you are on your machine. You can read it from beginning to the end and vice versa.


When starting with the first pages I am learning a lot about my sewing machine like


  • Setting
  • Functions
  • How to thread
  • Feets
  • Basic stitches
  • and much more

Fabelhafte-Welt-2When turning the book and starting with the last pages I find cute sewing instructions for a pillow, a sun hat, a top for mom and kid, more decoration.


This is really a nice book. Sure the content is not targeting you professionals. But a nice idea, looking great and a perfect gift for a sewing starter.

I already know whom to give …


So, that’s really enough for today. Maybe next week I will present a small detail of the August block?

Today I wish you a nice weekend, when you already have holidays, enjoy them!

Liebe Freitagsgrüße




Join us sewing a Quilt

Yes, you are reading this right 🙂

Join us in sewing. And embroidering of course!

At the end you will be the owner of a Quilt, a patchwork blanket. A very special, with rich embroidery and colorful.

And since I know how much work it is to make a big quilt and some of you would shy away from such big project because of the complexity and the work it takes we will do it piece for piece. It will take the time it needs, all in all 1 year.

The patchworkers among you already know the term BOM. It is not thud, it is the abbreviation for  Block of the Month.

For a BOM-Quilt the participants get a instruction for a new block every month. And this block will be sewed the same moment. Usually over a period of 12 months. And only at the end all know how the quilt looks like.

Of course we have to do this a little bit different, since our main interest is embroidery. But we will keep it as thrilling as the patchworkes do. And you too will only know after 12 months how your ready made quilt will look like.

And you know me good, I cannot keep a secret for a long time. So here is the frame.


This is how your patchwork plate could look like. It consists of 12 blocks, each with detailed and beautiful embroidery.

All motifs will cover the quilt theme “Little Village” and hence we name our quilt this:

“Little Village Quilt”.

Here you can see the first 3 motifs, they are available from today in our Stickbaer Shop.


Embroider all 3 blocks onto a fabric of your choice.


Each file matches the 13x18cm hoop, for all files you need 30×30 cm fabric.

Now lets sew.


When you like you can do a little quilting already now:


Maybe a running stitch around the single appliques?


This accentuates the motifs.


Adding a thick batting makes the motif look plastic.


This the block looks like when ready.


And when you are as busy as a bee every month and finish your block every month after one year you can sew the blanket. This will be a unique piece of crafting. For life.

This month you get in the complete collection all 3 applique embroidery files and the all-explaining 11 pages instruction. This instruction contains many hints so even patchworking beginners can make the blocks with no problems.

Of course there is the measures for the fabrics you need for the whole quilt.

It is of help when you already have some experience in sewing. When you even worked with rotary cutter and cutting ruler, great.

During the next 10 months you buy only next 3 appliques. The instruction applies for all blocks.

Together with the 12th block files you will get a detailed instruction how to assemble the single blocks according to the “Quilt as you go” method. This method, to create a quilt by sewing together single quilt blocks is very simple and you will like it. The method allows to prepare all blocks, including batting and back side fabric.

Using this technique front side and back side look pretty.

How to do this I will tell you with block 12.


Ahh. I understand. You already have blankets en mass. But you find the motifs so cute and want to have them, but don’t need the instruction. No problem, we bundled also a mini collection with only the 3 detailed embroidery files.

Both collections you get from today in our Stickbaer Shop.


Especially for this project we opened a dedicated board on Pinterest, dedicated only for the “Little Village Quilt BOM”. There we will collect over the next 12 months your blocks. So you can follow all the others what they are creating and how they are doing this. See the quilt growing.

Send us your pictures of your blocks, we will upload them for you. This will be a manyfold and colored board and we will have a lot of fun.

And now enjoy the first BOM.

I wish you a nice weekend.

Viele liebe Freitagsgrüße



The new Kid in the Sewing Room

New kid in the meaning of the word, since my newest machine is branded “Babylock”.

But one after the other:

I like Patchwork and Quilting for some years now. My interest moved from sewing clothing to sewing of pillows, mugrugs, tablecloth and especially quilts.

I started with a Baltimore-Quilt, this was my very first.


This was 8 years ago and since then I sewed a lot of blankets you can use every day; art quilts that one cannot wash and you should not look to strong on them are not my preference.

The most I like when my creations are hand quilted. My Baltimore is still naked. Over the years i learned hand quilting on the little projects like mugrugs and pillows.

If it not was that hard. Looking pretty but taking so much time…


And then a few months ago I first heard about the Sashiko.

This machine is pure luxury, it has only ONE stitch. But this stitch is great.

And for a long time I was thinking “do I need it or do I not”?

And some weeks ago I attended the “Nadelwelt” in Karlsruhe and could test it extensibly.

And the next day I called my favourite machine dealer Thomas Sommer in Regensburg and ordered one.

And last week, as the topping on our holidays, we went to Regensburg and picked it up.

What a pride:


White and pretty …


Really one stitch only, but this perfectly.


Und mein Darla-Quilt bekommt nun neben den echt mit der Hand gequilteten Stichen noch die von meinem neuen Baby gemachten dazu und wird nun so richtig wunderschön und aufwendig.


Sogar enge Kurven und freigeführte Stiche gehen. Ich habe mir das Muster mit dem blauen wasserlöslichen Stift vorgezeichnet und dann nachgequiltet.  Wenn ich fertig bin, kommt das Top in die Handwäsche und dann bleiben nur die roten Nähte übrig.


Das macht so einen Spaß!!!!!


In meinem inzwischen riesigen Fundus an fertigen Dingen habe ich diesen Tischläufer gefunden, der hat nun auch noch ein paar neue Verzierungen abbekommen.


Die Quiltschablone für dieses Kissentop habe ich letztes Jahr auf der Nadelwelt gekauft und aufgezeichnet, eigentlich wollte ich das schon im letzten Sommerurlaub handgequiltet haben. Jetzt war es eine Stunde Zeitvertreib für mich am Sonntag-Nachmittag.


Und 2 meiner Taschenspielereien haben auch noch ein paar Stiche abbekommen.


So sauber, so gleichmäßig.


BTW, I can easily adopt size and distance of the stitches, depending what effect it should make.

Ok, curious now? I hope you are now not infected by that virus like I am.


So I am out quilting 😉

Alles Liebe



Pillow done with Accuquilt

A few weeks ago I already showed you here the top of my current quilt. Now I did a little bit more quilting, all by hand …

And now the binding is done.

I only have to sew to the back side with many hidden stitches.

But this is work for the evening on our terace. The weather forecast for this week is dream-like so I can finish it in this week.

Because I shifted the hand-quilting to the sunny terace evenings and it was rainy on the last weekend I could finish to matching pillows.

With the help of my Accuquilt that I presented to you already earlier the cutting and sewing of the many small pieces was no problem at all, one hour for both tops …



I did some embellishing of course with hand-quilting and my favourite YoYo’s.

Do you remeber this little tutorial?

Hand sewing and hand quilting.

This was the relaxed football evening on saturday. Bayern Munich won the match, as I noticed…


In the middle is a heart-YoYo.

The other pillow got a zigzag edge.

Darla9And of course both pillows perfectly match my quilt.


A 3rd pillow, this time a big one is already under way. I will show it later.

Bis dahin fröhliche Dienstagsgrüße




Flower Patchwork Pillow

Hello from Stickbaer Land,

we are presenting something nice to you.

This pretty small Patchwork pillow is completely done in your embroidery machine. Even the side panels and the rickrack as well as the envelope back of the pillow’s cover are easily done in the hoop.


A highlight is the flower and the leaves. The appliqued flowers and leaves are done using a special faux trapunto method and look almost 3D. Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated.

Darla-Quilt-4 Darla-Quilt-7 Darla-Quilt-9

As usual there is a detailed embroidery instruction, this time of 16 pages! There are many, many images in it so you will have fun using it. The instruction is available in English and German.

See here  a sample image for the 3D technique:


I couldn’t even stop doing these pillows.


Of course I created one matching my new quilt:

Darla-Quilt-3 Darla-Quilt-6

Here is another one:

Blumenkissen-2 IMG_7049

Can you see the 3D look?

IMG_7053 IMG_7054

As a bonus each purchase contains the 3D flower as an applique. So you can embroider it onto other things that will accompany your pillow.


And, you can select from 3 different hoop sizes.

From today all 3 sizes with 2 files each are  waiting for you in our Stickbaer Shop.


Enjoy a wonderful and sunny weekend.

And if there is rain: Go and embroider …

Liebe Grüße



Cottage Sampler Quilt – Made Easy

Do you like quilts with houses like me?

Those with such ingridients as trees, flower pots, flowers, birds … that are telling whole stories … and looking beautiful?

To make such quilt with the sewing machine or even by hand is really hard work and time consuming.

I know this since I am now for weeks are sewing at my Tiny Town. How often I was near to give up. But, I am proceeding. Although, I don’t know if I make it til Christmas.

That’s why I have today a new collection for me and for you. This should make it easy for us and all appliques can be made by your embroidery machine.


Each single motif will be embroidered onto one piece of fabric. Then you simply sew together all pieces.

The result is your own Houses quilt (surely long time before I finish my Tiny Town).

Your quilt might look this:


Or this:

Quiltfertig1Or maybe this:


When you are not so patient, why not making a wall cover like I did?



Of course you can enhance each applique with surrounding stitches. This can be done easily on your sofa while watching TV or on your garden bench.



Or chose your 2 favourite motifs and sew a table set from some fabric.


As the appliques are done so easy there is time enough to sew all together.


Sure you noticed that I like hand quilting. It is really fast.

It looks best when you do it only after putting all together (upper side, wadding, back side).

It is looking so nostalgic.


And when there is really no time, or you are in a hurry, simply make a mugrug.


This flower is part of the “Cottage Sampler Quilt Collection” and is contained in 4 sizes.


A liitle more time is needed for this pillow cover. But it isn’t witchcraft.




You will need 2 of the 3 houses you find in the collection and one of the two trees.


The little houses will match the 10x10cm hoop. As the 4 flowers and the little bird and the heart.

For all other motifs you need the 13x18cm hoop.


BTW, I gor inspired to this new collection by Ursel from Planegg near Munich.

She’s an old buyer and friend. We are mailing and chatting often.

So Ursel had the idea for a bigger project, so she got the files first.

And now look what she created in only a few weeks. She made a gorgeous and beautifil quilt.

Isn’t it a dream?

Urselquilt1You can see all motifs of the collection here.

Ursel5Really all.


And Ursel even had the time for pillow.


Dear Ursel, as I already said on the phone:

This is amazing!

Many thanks for your work.


And you, when you now also want to sew such quilt, or want to do some smaller project: The Cottage Sampler Quilt collection is available in the Stickbär-Shop today.

I wish you all a nice weekend!

Liebe und herzliche Grüße


So many mugrugs!

Yesterday I presented to you the first new embroidery file for this week, the “Little Cottage Mugrug”.

Today I have another little house for you, especially for those who like quilting (as I do).


Do you se the little quilt hanging on the clothesline in the wind.


You can use the Quilt Store the same way like the Little Cottage house, as wall cover, mugrug, sachet, …

Margit for example did a welcome plate for the entry door. She replaced the name by her own.

Isn’t it a cute idea?

Quiltstore-Mugrug-4Cornelia did a sachet, filled with lavender, maybe? I can smell it…

Quiltstore-Mugrug-6A special thank today goes to Jan.

Yes, he is a man!

My testers circle got backed-up by Jan who did all the fotografs in the tutorials that are sold as part of the Little Cottage and Quilt Store packages.

And of course many thanks to Kasia, who professionally translated the tutorials into English.

What would I do without my helpers!!!

One of them is my husband. Not only he is looking at all my new creations and listening to my explanations (without rolling eyes). He is also doing those video tuts for you.

Look at this. Watch the house growing in the new video.


The 2 new files

“Little Cottage Mugrug”


“Quiltstore Mugrug”

can be found today in the Shop.

As for every week we have a Deal of the week.

Many of you already embroidered the “Crochet Style” flowers. They are looking like they were made by hand. But, no crochet needle is needed, only an embroidery machine.

It is so easy. Do you like some “kick-off”? Have a look at this tutorial: Crochet Style.


I wish you all a nice and lovely weekend.

Liebe Grüße






Quilt Dreams – Come dreaming

I love quilting very much. I already did a few ones. I enjoy it more from year to year.

Although I am not a hand-sewer I am quilting by hand, more complexe and or larger designs I am doing freehand on the sewing machine.

The most accurate and perfect way to do quilt motifs is to use an embroidery machine. So I have digitized a lot of them over the last years to use them in the various quilting projects.

And since I have been asked by many of you I created a special one for you.


So here comes the Allround No-Worry Quilt collection, including 16 different motifs.

With this embroidery file you can complete 4 crazy patchwork blocks.  You can choose from 4 stippled designs to complete the blocks or just leave them blank.

Additionally you can make 5 completely quilted blocks which already have the batting and back fabric as well as the outline to cut the block out.

Included in the file are also 4 square and 3 triangular stippling designs to use for quilting of finished blankets, quilts or cushions.

The finished blocks can be used as they are for potholders, mug-rugs or mini quilts. If you sew the blocks together, you can make table runners, table cloths, cushion covers or even a whole quilt. A very easy way to assemble the single blocks is the quilt as you go method.

Wooden planks with rope background

Isn’t this little wall hanging enchanting?

Alte Holzwand mit abgesprungenem Lack

Or you use the wall hanging as mugrug.

Add a handle and you get a pot holder.

Alte Holzwand mit abgesprungenem Lack

Put the blocks together and get a narrow carpet or table plate, a pillow cover or even a whole quilt.

Alte Holzwand mit abgesprungenem Lack
An easy method to “mount” them is „Quilt as you go“.

Search at YouTube for this term and you will find a lot tutorials.

Alte Holzwand mit abgesprungenem Lack

You can select from the collection for an area of 13x13cm (means 13×18, 14×14, 14×20 hoops) or the larger 18×18 area for all Jumbo hoops. All in cm!

Of course you will get a detailed rich in pictures embroidery tutorial. But, we also have a video made for your inspiration. Lets say to entice you … and make you curious for the new motifs.


And, curious enough?

The collections are available from today in the Stickbaer Shop.

We wish you a happy weekend.

und sende Euch herzliche Grüße




My Tiny Town Quilt – Growing up

I was not working on my Tiny Town the last days. This was mainly caused by that I was waiting for cotton fleece.

I decided to go for the “Quilt as you go” method. In this all blocks will be finished for themselves, each completely with front, fleece and back side. And all quilting done.

How they finally will be put together I will show you later. See what I already quilted on my first block.

Do you see it. Around the flower, the houses and the tree.


Earlier I promised you to show you pictures of the applique technique that is looking like made by hand (and hence nearly invisible).

First I transfered the motif to Freezer Paper and cut it out, here the inside of the garage.


Then I ironed the Freezer Paper onto my fabric and cut this out. The place that later should overlap, I cut without allowance. The places, where I want to apply, I left around 0.6 cm allowance.

Cutting all out, iron-turn the allowances, leave the Freezer Paper.


After it cooled down I removed the Freezer Paper and carefully sprayed the back side with iron spray. Makes it very easy to iron it.

Surely this works without the spray and pins.


Now I mount the applique foot to my sewing machine and select the Blind pass. I select transparent Monofil thread as face thread and bobbin as lower thread.

The blind stitch is really small, 0.9 mm wide and 0.8 mm long.

The fabric edge to be applyed is placed to the right edge of the foot.


Most of the time the needle is stitching to the right. So the fabric is grabbed only a bit. The seam is invisible through the monofil thread.


Can you see something?


The rooftop is not so easy to do, because I had to iron it before. No problem.


The garage is ready in bare brickwork 😉 This evening I will embroidery windows and doors, and maybe apply the next house.

So stay tuned…


And now I continue my vacation.

Never it was raining days long, and it is so cold, and we are at vacation. Our child is on tour with grand parents, we are on our own.

The plan was to bicycle, gardening, geocaching … all these things you can do outside.

But there is still a week left, maybe sun is coming out.

Jetzt genieße ich mal unseren Urlaub weiter…

I didn’t know that even Bavaria has a rain period..

I wish you all sunny weather.

Liebe Grüße



My little Accu-Quilt and my poor nerves

Some projects I am not planning, I am just starting them and see what happens. Honestly, many of my projects will start this way. I am not a big planner.

So I created this small 1×1 meter quilt.

Primarily I wanted to test the new flower die for my Accuquilt.

I applied them onto white fabric, nice with cotton thread and Paris stitch.



No border around. Made from leftovers from Accuquilting. A lot of little squares.


Ok, lets do a little more. Lets do a white border around this, with green squares on the corners.


And then sun was shining, we had Saturday. I attached wadding and back side with lots of fixing pins. It was weather for hand-quilting.

I sat comfortably on our terace and quilted the appliques with small pink stitches.


And then the weather became worse. On Sunday it was “Indoor” weather, means machine quilting weather.

I took my quilting pen – leachable. So they assured me in the Patchwork shop.

And I traced all the white border with the die and the pen and afterwards I quilted it with my machine.

It was the first time I decorated such a large area with machine pattern.


At the end I added heart motifs to the 4 inner corners.


Alles jeweils mit Bleistift vorgezeichnet.


Finally I straightened the edge and bordered it with cotton bias tape.

Now I had to wash it to remove the pen lines. On Monday afternoon I gave the quilt to the washing machine at 30° Celsius.

Looking forward to my new quilt I looked at the wet piece:

Oh my god!!!

ALL drawing was still there.

Repeated it with 40°C and ox-gall soap.

Still there!


With frustration I did a lats round at 75°C. At least the drawing turned pale a bit. So I put it into the dryer.

What a surprise, nearly all lines were gone.

There are some thinner lines left in the corners, maybe they will be bleached in the sun.

BTW, I started on Friday, so it was a real Pentecost event.

Plus a bicycle trip, gardening, tasty meals and fun with the family.

How was your weekend?

Liebe Grüße