An exciting start into the new year!

Did you have a great Christmas season? We were traveling and have made us spoiled by my parents, no food-cooking-stress, just calm all around!

Except for the noise in the head, because I’ve let my accountant and the summer of love  Thomas Sommer arouse desires.

Actually, yes, the tax consultant debt, has asked me if we can not even be a bit of what they want to invest. Well, yes, but what?

Um, there’s this great new Brother PR would 1000e, which is really nice. But so expensive … All right, Mr. accountant, I will think about it …

The whole Christmas time I was thinking about it and let my whole family not escape it. Directly after our return home on Thursday night I emailed Thomas Sommer and after a sleepless night and a day and making eyes at my husband, we went late on Friday afternoon to Regensburg and have brought the baby;-)

Oh, 10 colors at once, this has something! And as quietly as she embroiders, I have the impression that my somewhat older PR 620 is as much louder. But which is now gone … And can be loud elsewhere 🙂

And the cones supports flash very colorful, you should imagine this in a completely dark room!

The big 36x36er framework I’ve also indulged. That will be fun. Now I only have to learn to “embroider split design” what is completely new to me.




And to share some of the fun I have, there is a small raffle til Friday morning.

It is really time for new embroidery files. They are coming now, in rapid succession, there is a lot very much finished and embroidered and tested! And you can watch forward to a colorful variety!

In 2013 there will be a new feature for our Stickbär-Shop:

Every Friday you can watch now looking forward to one or sometimes two new embroidery collections.

In addition to the weekly offering, which which is in place now for several weeks on every Friday, this will be always very exciting, because I will nothing reveal in the future before;-)

And what it will be this Friday, You may even guess.

And the winner gets the file for free.


Well, curious?

I appreciate very many comments, as always 🙂

You are all cordially greeted