My old new kitchen

It’s been now 14 years that we moved into our new  house. When moving here we also moved our older kitchen and are using it with only light changes over the years.

Maybe you know this feeling that there needs to be some change? Have seen this for 14 years now, need to change it …

During the christmas holiday I got this feeling, I started to moan to my husband (that is used to it already).

Usually my bad mood ends when he is taking initiative and changes or adds something.

But it is not so easy to replace a kitchen, there are 100 things to consider; and one needs money.

Two weeks ago my husband started to measure in our kitchen. Then he moved over to his PC and started ordering. One week later our garage was stuffed with, say hundred packets or even more.

But all starts from the paint.

I had an idea of light blue …


A new kitchen hood …

New utensil, with perfect color match to my Kitchen Aid…


A new rail system …

Space for lots of little things…


A new rail and Daylight light for the kitchen sink.

What a light.


New pullout for the cupboards.

Now I can find what was hidden in the dark back.


The spices are in a new rack attached to the door.


I will not bore you with my waste basket shelf and the Tupper ware shelf (yes, I have a shelf only for my Tupperware).

Can you feel it, how happy I am since 3 days.

I love my husband!

Viele liebe Mittwochsgrüße



6th of December: St Nicholas’ Day and the 2nd freebie

Today we have St Nicholas’ Day. Did you clean your boots and put them outside the door? And did you find something in there this morning?

Let me be you St. Nicholas too and make you a gift today. Before we do this lets tour through our Stickbaer house.

Enter the house and on the stairs you see a first (!) advent calendar. This is for my son. 24 little sachets and packets, usually filled with something sweet.


The first room is the kitchen. It is small so there is not much place for decorations.At least the window can be decorated:


And on the kitchen table we have my christmas tea mug.


Next room is the dining room. In the window we have a Schwibbogen from Seiffen.

Weihnachtshaus8Look at the is the Seiffen church:



In the dining room we have an old buffet from my great-grandma.



The living room is my decorating playground. It took my 3 days to decorate the whole house, most time I spent here.

These are my Hubrig angels…

Weihnachtshaus6… next to those of Wendt & Kühn:


This is our collection of incense figures.

The wall hanger i did some years ago after a Debbie Mumm pattern.



nussknacker2 Raeuchermaennle1 Raeuchermaennle2

This little wooden village is very old.

Dorf2 Dorf3 Dorf4 Dorf5

My son expanded it 2 years ago with deer, lamb, trees and the church. What a surprise.

Christmas Stockings:

Stiefel Stiefel2

This is not all christmas decoration in our house, but I have to come to the end.

Here is my St. Nicholas gift to you:

It is St. Nicks shoe.


It is embroidered really fast, sure you can do it before St. Nick is over.

You can download it here:


Enjoy the file and have a nice 2nd advent weekend.





Bathing Day

From Washday to Bathday 😉

Many thanks for all your comments regarding my wallcover with the Washday. Now, in summer time this is really fun, since I can dry the clothes in garden on the clothesline. The clothes are dancing in the sun …

My beloved husband got inspired by the sun as well. Not to wash clothing, but to cleanup the garden pond.


No, he is not taking a bath, it’s only looking like he does.

It is only easier to remove old plants and leaves from the lily pads right from the centre of the pond.


I myself would never, never go into the pond.

Hard to see already …

The water is not dirty, but there are frogs, newts, toads, water striders, dragonfly larvas, and i dont know what else.

For me it’s looking nice from the water side.


I wish you a nice summer day.

Liebe Grüße



Finally summer

I wish you a sunny Thursday with this bouquet of meadow flowers. I collected them during walking our dog Baffi.

Baffi, she is 12, has a loooooooot of time. So the best idea is to collect flowers.

Sommerstrauss2Do you need anything more to be happy?

Liebe Donnerstagsgrüße



Take a tour – My sewing room

In the last weeks I spent soem time on cleaning up and reorganizing my sewing room. I removed shelves, installed a new one, sorted fabrics, and so on.

Do you want to take a tour? Maybe to get an inspiration for your own rooms?

All the years my sewing room really was unorganized. Shelves and racks that were leftover elsewhere.

There is a German speech: A dog from every farm. All the fabrics were laying on the sofa, in boxes, baskets. Total chaos.

Thats why I first removed all boxes and baskets and fabrics form my room. Next, all old shelves, that lived their lives.

Thanks Obi (a German DIY store) and my talented husband I now have one big single shelf covering the whole straight wall of my room. My room is right beneath the roof.

Regal3All fabrics are now sorted.

Either by color …


… or by collection.


I used jars for my woven ribbon. The jar caps have fabric glued on.

GlaeserOr I put buttons in there.


 Also quilting yarn and individual fabric labels found their place.


The white slip cases are from IKEA. They now contain my collection of magazines from all over the world.

I found the roses labels and much more at Small Treasures.


This is right behind my sewing machine. All is in reach.


Sewing feet …


… and suitable machines:


The window got new curtains.


The glass curtain is from basic white cotton, embroidered with flowers and leaves in free hand embroidery.


I cutted out the motifs with Accuquilt, with Vliesofix ironed on on the backside.

This fixated the fabric and it was easy to sew and embroider. I spent a little time only.

This is my shelf for current projects. The grey basket contains tutorial and fabrics for the Tiny Town Quilt and the folder holds instructions for upcoming projects.

On the upper board there are started quilts and my newest books, that I am reading on my comfortable sofa.


Did you like this little tour?

Needless to say that I now making up my room every day. Sometimes I am just standing and looking at it.

Enjoy your Thursday?

Liebe Grüße






My new bag – Finally

One week ago I visited the “Needle world” fair in Karlsruhe/Germany for 2 days.

There is not to many such creatives fairs in South Germany. That’s why it is not a problem for me to drive 3 hours there. I met Kasia there who arrived from Basel. We spent 2 wonderful days. We were not only talking but also discovering, rummaging and buying.

Apart from many other things i found the booth of Löwenstein-Design. Their quilts, bags and tapes are so fantastic and I could not withstand to buy a lot meters of tapes, empty wooden bobbins and a bag pattern.

The very kind owner already warned me that the pattern is not for beginners and takes some time. OK, I am not a beginner, and I will take the time.

Last week we had the Champions League match, I am only interested in the result. Then there was the holiday with another time. And the weekend was perfect for finalizing the project.

And now it is ready, my new bag.



There are many inner pockets and hideouts.




Outside 2 pockets, both with zipper.



Of course soil nails.




Most of the fabric I found in Karlsruhe.



The bag has the right size, not as big as a baby bag, but still big enough



I think never before I spent so much time for a single bag. But it was worth it.

The instructions are clear, many images and explanations made it easy at the end.

Desiree Koelner of Loewenstein-Design deserves it to be named here.

Not about all patterns that I catched on the Needle world a can report good news. On one booth I got the pattern for a simple (I thought) basket made from fabric. It looks the author as weel was thinking that it does not require detailed explanations. And took 8 Euro. This is very cheeky because only my fantasy and experience saved this basket project.



Thank you, Desiree for my new bag “San Remo”.

Enjoy your week.

Liebe Grüße



Print, cut and sew – Cosmetic bag by Kasia

Another great idea by Kasia :

Print-yourself cosmetic bags, printed just on fabric. Including all accessories.

And of course there is an ebook tutorial containing many different designs.

I already did one:


The woven ribbon, the label and the sign are integrated with the fabric. Makes sewing easy.

IMG_4387 IMG_4388

And, the best is, you can add your own writings, maybe a shop name, the name of a dear, … All with the help of Kasia’s ebook.

Or you write on the bag what’s in there?!

You can find this ebook here at Kasia.

Dear Kasia, I wish you luck with this ingenious idea!

Liebe Grüße


Now they are 3!

I love the internet community!

Only yesterday I asked for reinforcement for our teddy bear, and 24 hours later they are triplets.

Many thanks to Jessica!!!

IMG_4325CU tomorrow


Teddy bear, where are you?

Today I need your help. We are desperately looking for a teddy bear.

But not just a teddy. We are looking for this one:


This look …


I got this cute cuddly bear some month ago in an internet forum. But this forum is closed now so I don’t know whom to contact.


The teddy bear has a zipper on his back.

You can take off a pillow from the body and put the bear into a hoop to embroider on it.

Sounds dramatically, but I speeded up, took a rounded needle, so there was only a little pain.


This bear I gave to my husband, of course he is “Chef”, the boss.

But now I need another 2 of them for our Stickbaer movies.

Have you seen such bears in the recent past? Can you tell me where to look for?

As motivation I am showing you an outlook for what comes next on Friday.


No more rom for today 😉

Many hopeful greetings




Merry Christmas


We want to thank you for your loyalty over the past year, for all the lovely mails and comments, the nice phone calls and personal meetings.

We look forward to 2013 and hope to spend it together with you.