A Summer House: As a Pillow or as a Mugrug?

A new pillow for the garden chair?

A nice mugrug for the kitchen table and the tasty mug coffee in the morning?

What ever you want, with our latest embroidery file you can do it. Pillow or mugrug or both, you can do it both thanks the envelope closing on the backside.


Our pillow in the patchwork style is completely done in the embroidery machine, nothing to sew.

This ensures everything is done perfectly and fast.


Our included detailled instruction describes every step to do.


You don’t like pillows? Do a mugrug instead!

Add some quilt stitches to the mugrug to make it look prettyer.Stickbaer-Sommerhauskissen-Tati-8

Or you do both together. Pillow and mugrug perfectly match each other.

Depending on the chosen size the pillow is longer or higher.

Have a look at the design samples.


We have prepared the file in 5 different hoop sizes, from 13x18cm up to 20x36cm everybody can find his choice. Of course we created some bundles as well.

Come in to our Stickbaer Shop, there you can get the file today.

Enjoy your weekend, and be busy!

Liebe Grüße



Little Village Quilt, finally done!!!

What a day! Two weeks ago I did my last stitch and finished my year quilt. Over the year I created a new block month by month, added the strips and quilted it.


Lets together look back:

One year ago I offered you my idea of a year’s quilt.

All my blog posts regarding this project you can recall here. Let us have a look at our blocks.

All blocks have the house in common. And our birdie.

We started in July with summer time motifs, like flower pot and the bunting at the house.


In August we had fresh wind in our laundry.



September came with sun flowers:



The October saw pumpkin and a first warm hat:



The November was windy of course with colored leaves in the air:


December ? Guess!



The month January is the month of snowmen:


While February is month of the loving:



The March came with Easter eggs:



Tulips in April:

Stickbaer-Little-Village-Quilt-BOM10-Tati-1 Stickbaer-Little-Village-Quilt-BOM10-Tati-7

In May temperatures raised so we could got out for a first sailing.

Stickbaer-Little-Village-Quilt-BOM11-Tati-1 Stickbaer-Little-Village-Quilt-BOM11-Tati-6

And now the very last block is ready.

June is the month of starwberries. Now it is the time to taste them from the bed, or at a cake or dessert. I don’t know any other fruit that is such tasty and flavorful.

That’s why our last block is full with this fruit.:


Stickbaer-Little-Village-Quilt-BOM12-Tati-4Strawberries in the basket…


…there is a strawberry chain…


…and they are near the house.


So that it is, the last block.

Now it is time to combine all blocks.

Do you remember? I wanted to use the “Quilt As You Go” – method, in short QAYG.

The big pro in this method is that you don’t have to handle the whole big, heavy quilt through the sewing machine. Totally relaxed we add batting and back side fabric to every single block only and quilt this.

This is a handy way, easy to follow not only for quilting beginners. The ready blocks will be combined later using QAYG.

I put together a detailled instruction with lots of pictures explaining every single step.

The instruction explains how you can even enlarge your quilt by adding stripes. The below example is 1.4m x 1.8m. Large enough to nestle down in it.

Here it comes:


I combined the blocks with yellow stripes and the green outer stripes add calm to it.


Since I used different back side colors the quilt is even colorful from the back.


At the moment the quilt found it’s place in the living room. Maybe it will be hanged in the staircase. Therefore I will add a tunnel on the back for a long, thin bar. This makes it hang evenly.

What will you do with your quilts?

I am very keen to see your quilts. Please send your pictures and let me add them to our Pinterest-Galerie.

I hope you loved this project like I did.

Enjoy the last block and have a nice weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Little Village Quilt BOM 11 – Only one other to go

Isn’t it amazing? Where is the time gone? I remember as it was yesterday when I told you about my idea of a One-Year quilt project.

All started with this first block in July last year:


And now nearly one year is over and here is BOM 11 for May.


A maritime scent, the may weather invites for a lot of outdoor activities, like having an icecream, go boating, hang up bunting…


And this the block looks like summer.


The birdy is the captain, look at his captain’s hat.


At the beach house you can get icecream, 50 cent the ball.


And the boat has sail and bunting.


Look, how far we already are with our quilt. I already started to sew together my blocks.

Next month, together with the June embroidery files, you will get the instruction on how to put all pieces together following the Quilt as you go-method.


As you can see, our quilt is getting wonderful.

But now, first do the 11th block and put it to the other already embroidered and sewed blocks.

This is an impressing stack!

Enjoy your weekend!

Liebe Grüße




BOM 10 and a Sewing Cozy

After a short break I am back to talk to you about the latest news.

You had to wait for the BOM 10 a week longer, it is already mid of April. Now the tulips are in full bloom so it is time for a tulip block:


Not only the tulips are blooming in the flower pot and near the house wall …


… first cherry blossoms ae open.

Of course our little bird is here.


This blocks house has blinds.


Look the wonderful tulips.


Near the house …


I like this spring BOM.


All motifs have been quilted.


Only 2 blocks are left … and we can complete our Little Village Quilt.



Today there is much more for you.

Our second file today is a complete set for a sewing jar, with a flower pin cushion, a cover with straps for thread and sissors and a lot of space inside the jar.



All fabric is taken from the Moda collection “Petite Wovens”. You can get it at Stoffekontor.

IMG_9451 IMG_9452

Our Eierhühnern are watching.


Can you see the tiny spool at the needle?


The Sewing Cozy has room for thread up to 200m, sissors, spools; also crochet needles or pencils.

All pieces are embroidered completely ITH. The only work outside the machine is to close the turn opening.

And you need some glue, some ribbons, poly fill. The detailled instruction in english and German explains every step.


Depending on the used jar size your sewing cozy looks slim or chubby.



And, haven’t we prepared a lot of work and fun for you for this weekend? All files you can find from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

We wish you a great weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Here is the Easter BOM

Sure you are already waiting for the March Block, especially since the month is already 12 days old.

So here it comes, the 9th Block of the Month.


Of course the motifs are for Easter decoration.

Easter bunny lost 3 eggs in front of the house…


… and a hen hided in the flower pot …


… and even the sky is full of … eggs?


All together makes up a really easter like BOM 9, the March block.


I did a little quilting around my motifs and used the Sashiko. Using quilt thread, a tiny quilt needle and small stitches will do the job as well.

Stickbaer-Little-Village-Quilt-BOM9-Tati-4 Stickbaer-Little-Village-Quilt-BOM9-Tati-6 Stickbaer-Little-Village-Quilt-BOM9-Tati-8

So look, 3/4 are already done.

Time for me to start the detailled instrution on how to put all blocks together. That instruction will be part of the BOM 12.


From today you can get the BOM 9 files and of course the other BOM files in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy quilting.

Eure Tatjana

Little Village Quilt BOM 8

Are you taking part in our Little Village Quilt journey? Are you already waiting for the next files?

Yes, a new month has started so it is time for the next BOM. It is the 8th block.

YES, already the 8th block.

Means we got two thirds.


February is the month ot all fallen in love.

Our little bird is shouting it out loud, the sky is full of LOVE and even on the house door there is a heart.


Can you see it? The 3rd row is nearly complete.


I did my quilting in red.

Stickbaer-Little-Village-Quilt-BOM8-Tati-3 Stickbaer-Little-Village-Quilt-BOM8-Tati-4

Door and window got an extra border.


But see. There is already a ladybug telling about the near spring.


And the birdie sends love haerts to the ladybug…


The embroidery files for the BOM 8 match the 13x18cm hoop.

All 3 motifs will form the 30×30 picture as always.

Of course you find the new BOM 8 files in our Stickbaer Shop.

We wish you a great weekend in snow with skiing and sledging; maybe some time for embroidery.

Liebe Grüße



The New Year has started – with the Block of the Month January

First of all I want to wish you success, health and happiness for this 2015.

I hope you started well and are now eager to start new work.

So we do, yet we are still in vacation mode.

Here in Bavaria school holidays last til January 6th and so our vacation does.

But you should not wait til we are at full speed, to proceed with the BOM project.

The January BOM is ready and available in our Shop.

Like you expected it is for winter and filled with snow, like used to be in January.


Again my edges stripes are in red like for the other BOMs. I already decided to do the inner grid that combines all BOMs in a bright sunny yellow.


In the BOM 7 file you find snowflakes in 2 sizes and a snowman applique…


… and a detailed winter house.


I quilted around the motifs with my Sashiko.

You can do this by hand, of course. This is an evening job on the sofa.


Isn’t the snowman sweet?


The snowflakes can be used for other projects too.


And so we started the second half …


 All 4 files of the January BOM you find from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy your work. We wish you a happy, winter weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Little Village Quilt, the December Block

Already when I designed the very first block back in summer time I had a clear vision how the december block would look like.

Of course, after Christmas, without snow, we only have real snow in January and February. With stars and decorated windows in our house. And Ilex and christmas baubles.

So here is the 6th block, the December block:


I stayed with my colour combination: Red, yellow and green. They are perfect Christmas colors.


The quilting I did again with my Sashiko. Do small running stitches and it will look the same.


Those of you who are not doing the “Quilt as you go” method anyway have no need for quilting now.

You will first sew together all blocks, put the batting and backside fabric and do the quilting only then. Do it relaxed with the sewing machine.


I am going for the QAYG and do my quilting now.

Stickbaer-Little-Village-Quilt-BOM6-Tati-5 Stickbaer-Little-Village-Quilt-BOM6-Tati-6 Stickbaer-Little-Village-Quilt-BOM6-Tati-7

Did you realize that half of our project is over? 6 out of 12 months? Wow!

Since we are doing our project this way it is relaxed work. We can distribute the work. The Quilt is growing alongside. And the final sewing is not the greatest work.


The motifs are designed for the 13x18cm hoop and are available from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

And now it is time to open the advent time. We wish you a wonderful 1. Advent. Enjoy the silent time of the year.

Liebe Grüße



Little Village Quilt – BOM 5 in November

Tomorrow we have November 1st. It’s time for the November block of our Little-Village-Quilt-Collection.

What about the other 4 blocks. Are they ready embroidered and sewed? Are you already anxious for the next block?


In the November there is not too much what happens in our little village. It is quite and silent. Trees are loosing their leaves. The little bird is fluffed up for cold and is waiting. Maybe for some bird seed, maybe for the first snow?

Who knows?


I did my block with batting and backside fabric. So I can do my quilting right now.


Then I can, when all blocks are ready use the QUILT AS YOU GO method to finish my quilt.

When we get to the last block I will explain the method in detail.


Quilting I did of course with my Sashiko. You can do hand-quilting instead.

Or do a surrounding seam with the sewing machine.


The batting makes it look 3D plastic.


You see, we are getting forward.

In next month, we will have the have of the blocks done.


Please send in your ready made blocks to be shared among our Little Village Quilt BOM community on Pinterest.

Get your BOM5, the November block, today in the Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy this weekend.



Little Village Quilt BOM 4

Here I am again with a new Quilt block.

Today I am presenting BOM 4, this is the recent block of the month for our Little Village Quilt.

Of course the October BOM tastes a little bit after autumn.

You see pumpkins in front of the house, our little bird is dressed with a cap, because it is cold outside. Even his bird house has a pumpkin.


The colors for this BOM I chose after the colors of the other blocks.


And added a little orange.


So many Pink and Green, so the orange of the pumpkins is a perfect match.


I already did the block quilting since at the end I will combine all blocks according to the Quilt-As-You-Go method (QAYG).


This method allows to have all blocks already done including batting and backside …


… and the quilting is much easier since you do not have to stuff a big quilt into the sewing machine.


Do you like this little bird?

An old friend you see on every of our blocks…


Finally, this is my BOM 4:


The quilt is growing, one third is done.


Here in our Stickbaer Shop you can find our new BOM.


As already mentioned our Pinterest-Gallery is growing with every picture you are submitting. Thank you!

Of course we are waiting for your BOM4 pictures.


Enjoy the upcoming weekend. Many greetings.