Want another freebie? Pin cushion tutorial!

Many of you liked my pin cushion I showed you last week.

It is so easy to make. Just in a minute.


Now I made another pin cushion, the little embroidered needles motif I give you as a freebie for download.


The tutorial and the freebie file you can download at the Mettler site.

There I published it today.

Maybe you use the tutorial for mini mugrugs?

The flower I made with the multi color thread. Do you remember the motif?

Right, it is from the all-new My little Sewing Room collection.


Look here, the little Tilda water can:


I had so much fun sewing this. It takes few time, just to relax between dinner and bath tube.


How you are relaxing?

Try it out, making these is balm for the soul.


Regrettably, I’ve noticed that some of you cannot access tutorial and file on the Mettler web site. That’s why I am offering to download them directly from here.

Anleitung Vintage-Nadelkissen


However, the tutorial is in German language, but with many pictures. So it should not be a problem to follow the instructions and sew the pin cushion.

Alles Liebe



A new freebie – Leather tags

You always need little tags in different size, shape and colour. Only these can really embellish a self-made bag, molt or pen holder.

It is very handy to have a few of them ready-made in your fundus.

And how easy is this, they are really made in a minute.

For all of you who love embroidering I made an embroidery file that let’s you make 3 tags at one in a wink.

And, it is a freebie file.

You can find instructions and the file for the 10×10 hoop at the Homepage of Amann Group Mettler and download all from there.

When you cannot find the freebie you should try to switch the Mettler site to “German” language first and then click the above link. Obvisiously they have problems with translations on the Mettler site.


In the freebie file you find a circle, oval and rectangle.

The best is to use leather (not to thick), jeans fabric, wool felt or loden.


Look at the bright shining colours, they are from the new summer collection of Mettler.

These are lucent colours!


I hope you enjoy this file. Now you have always little tags available for your upcoming projects.

Fröhliche Dienstagsgrüße




Another little patchwork… and a freebie

Every now and then I am sewing applications with my sewing machine .

By that I mean applications without embroidery module, even if the size of the pattern would fit perfectly in my Jumbo Hoop.

But it is as I said very relaxing and has something almost spiritual, slowly sew the stitches, watching the same rhythm again.


The individual parts of the application I cut with the Accuquilt. This is a really cool device. I have some punches with flowers, leaves, circles, and especially quilting motifs.

The Dresden Plate has therefore become ready much faster. One crank, cut 3 pieces. And when I put the fabric four times, I have all the parts for a “Dresden Plate” cut out at once.



If you’re interested, I can take some pictures during the next cranks  …

The fabrics are a mix from my stash, I find the colors great this time of year.

The application stitches I made with cotton yarn 30, I opted for the double stitch that looks so beautifully hand-sewn;-)

decke-2b Quiltdecke-alle1

Today I have a freebie for you.

It is from my stash, I have digitized some time ago, but it fits so beautifully to today’s topic, which is why I chose it.



You can find the download here:


Please remember that my freebies may not be used for commercial use.

 Have fun this week,



Free basic instructions in our shop

Hi guys,

Again and again I read in forums or chats such sentences as:

  • How does an application for actually using your embroidery machine?
  • What are in-the-hoop-files?
  • Freestanding Lace? Häää?
  • How Stickbärs Doodle stitching motifs embroidered? Like the colors in this embroidery?


So you, my dear Stickbär customers are no longer helpless,

We have a new section in the shop Instructions.


 Can be found here explains the most embroidery techniques step by step with many photos. So you can read about in doubt again quickly, how exactly does one or the other technique.

And here you can also try the same thing I have said, there is the flower of the application manual for download here:



Please remember that our Freebies are intended for private use.

I wish you enjoy browsing in the new section, and with our new freebie.

Dear Tuesday Greetings