An Embroidered Felt Basket – DIY Tutorial and Freebie

Today I’m making you a gift. Or even 2. It is an embroidery file Freebie and a tutorial for a nice felt basket.

You can combine both by embroidering the freebie onto the felt basket, or just use each for itself.

The freebie is an Ilex branch, small and nice, and a perfect motif when starting preparations for Christmas.


It is a goodie from our new embroidery collection released today in our Stickbaer Shop.


Do you remember the birdie?

You already met it on our 2014 Christmas Stocking.


Here comes another one:


 I like it on the wool felt.


Such felt basket is sewed in no time. You can leave it as it is, our embellish it with embroidery motifs.

I did 2 baskets, one with the birdie from the embroidery collection “Jolly Holly” and the other with the Ilex branch. The last you can download here:



You can fill the basket with nuts, sweets or deco. See these guys taking care for the basket.


Maybe an angel…


Now I will show you how to do the basket.

Tutorial Felt Basket

Cut a square felt, wool felt or textile felt. The felt needs to be a little bit heavier to have some stand. Not to soft.

Use a rotary cutter.


I want to use the birdie from my latest embroidery collection.


To correctly place it I have to divide the felt into 9 segments.

First draw the central square.

Now, extend the lines to the end of the felt. The 4 corner squares should have the same size.

Keep the right angles (although my picture is looking odd).

Now you found the place for your embroidery motif.


Cut off the 4 corners.


With the ruler and, when you have it, a waved rotary cutter, you cut the other 4 rectangles. Remember, they have to be the same length.

The waved edge is looking very special. However, sissors or the common rotary cutter will do the job as well.

Fell free to add rick-rack or braid later.


Sew together the central square and the side parts. Accurately place the pieces one above the other.


Sew close to the selvedge to the inner square.


Finish all 4 sides. Maybe add some ribbon?


Add more decoration like this bell.

Cut out another piece of felt that suites to the back of the embroidery motif, if you like to hide it from the back.


Glue it and secure it with pegs.


That’s it. 5 minutes without the embroidery.

Now you can do your second one. Vary the size or shape, maybe a hexagon?

I stay with my 2!


Or you use the ilex allover from our new embroidery file to embellish a bigger version of the felt basket.


Have a nice time and enjoy

  • the new embroidery file “Jolly Holly”
  • our freebie
  • our free tutorial

Have a nice weekend .



Frames, Frames and more Frames… and some freebies !!!

Today we made something with frames!

Because this week we have frames! Quite a lot! and in 2 sizes!



Of course you can put in other embroidery designs, for example from our Shop Doodles category.

You can also leave them blank and frame your most favorite fabrics with it.

Or your can write something in. You can do this with the letters that your embroidery machine surely has built inside.

Maybe you have an embroidery software and you can put words quite comfortable in the software.

Of course, you can also use our words.

You don’t have to pay for them, we provide them at no extra cost.

“Rezepte” and “Zucker” we have in two sizes, the looooooong “Lieblingsbuch” for the 13×18 frame only.

And the words fit perfectly into most of the Doodleframes.


For example you can make something like this of it.



Or you sew a sleeve for your favorite cookbook and write on it with big letters what’s in it, for example “Rezepte” or even the “Lieblingsbuch”.

What about a bookmark for the cooking book …


This makes it easy to find the right recipe for your favourite macaroons or cupcakes.

BTW, the book is the sugar sweet baking book “Die Backfee Zuckersüß” by Manuela Kjeilen.


Whatever you want to make of it, first download the files for the scripting here:


And then you can start.

Have fun and happy crafting



Our smelling Christmas Freebie

Do you like the smell of Christmas? Cookies are smelling after cinnamon and butter, the tea after spices. On the Christkindlmarket there is a challenge between the almond roasters and the sellers of hot wine punch. The incense smoker are distributing their incense candles.

Our 4th Christmas Freebie has it’s own smell, depending what you are using to fill it.


Like our other Christmas freebies it is done very fast. Sure you don’t have that much time the last days before Christmas.

Clamp the backing together with the fabric to the hoop. Do the edge of the mugrug and the 1st placement line for the side.


Place a 5cm piece of fabric right to right, with 0.5cm overlapping.


The next round fixes the fabric…


… , then turn it. Flatten it, maybe with a mini iron.


Do the same with the opposite side.


Repeat this with the other 2 stripes.

Your sewing machine will stop after each step, I used different colors. Of course you can use one color for the whole mugrug.


All 4 bands attached.


Now one squared round to fix the fabric.


Now we apply the heart.

You already know to apply, if not, please read here.


Now we need only attach the backside.

Place the back fabric on the still clamped mugrug, allow 1 cm overlap.

Now embroider the last round. Then you are ready, only one turning openig is left.


Remove from hoop, cut it, but leave 0.5cm seam allowance. Turn the mugrug.


 Now prepare the stuffing.

Take some rice and Christmas spices, that are left over from Christmas cooking, like cardamom, cinnamon, anise, …


Brak the cinnamon and crush the anise and mix it with the rice. fill it through the turn opening in the mugrug. Do not fill to much, you want to place a tea mug later.

Close the opening, and you are done.

In total it took me less then 30 minutes.


Add some cookies…


When you put a hot mug on the mugrug it starts to smell after  the spices .


And since last week some of you were sad, because the Winter House was only for the 13x18cm hoop I have 2 sizes for you this week.

The one mugrug is 13x13cm. The other which is 10×10 is for the small hoop.

Find them here for download:


Enjoy our 4th and last Christmas freebie for this year. We wish you a nice 4th Advent.



Winter House – Christmas Freebie No. 3

On sunday we have already the 3rd Advent. Means to light the next candle then.

Our 3rd Christmas Freebie we are giving to you already today.

Do  you remember our Christmas house? Last year this was one of our giveaways.

This year you can download a Winter house. This is easy to embroider and done within a few minutes. So you can use it for this years decoration.


You can fill it with wadding to create a knobbly house. Or you integrate fleece. This the house is thin and you could use it as mugrug.

When ready it is 18cm high. The file is for the 13x18cm hoop.

Place the fabric of choise together with cut-away fleece to your hoop.

Do the first color, this is the houses edge and the marker for the window.


Apply the window: Place the fabric, embroider, cut away leftover.


The next color uses a satin stitch to close the edges and embroiders the window cross.

When applying the door please remember to not cut the fabric on the bottom.


Now you will finish the house including the snow and the stars.


Before the final step place the backside fabric on top and do one round.


Now you can remove your creation from the hoop and cut it. Leave 0.5cm allowance. At the turn opening you can leave a little bit more. This will ease the closing.


Fill the house with wadding, close the opening. Sew on a ribbon to the rooftop. I also attached a little bell.

Attach what you like to the house.


When you do not plan to stuff the house you should in the step before the last attach the backside fabric first …


…and then the badding.


The final embroidery will join all 3 layers together and after turning it you have a flat house to hang it at the wall or a mugrug for the winter tea.

Both are superb gifts, not only for Christmas.


Now the time is on you. Go and download your copy. The Zip file contains the embroidery file in 6 different formats and a PDF file with colors, steps and the templates.


I wish you a nice 3rd Advent weekend.





6th of December: St Nicholas’ Day and the 2nd freebie

Today we have St Nicholas’ Day. Did you clean your boots and put them outside the door? And did you find something in there this morning?

Let me be you St. Nicholas too and make you a gift today. Before we do this lets tour through our Stickbaer house.

Enter the house and on the stairs you see a first (!) advent calendar. This is for my son. 24 little sachets and packets, usually filled with something sweet.


The first room is the kitchen. It is small so there is not much place for decorations.At least the window can be decorated:


And on the kitchen table we have my christmas tea mug.


Next room is the dining room. In the window we have a Schwibbogen from Seiffen.

Weihnachtshaus8Look at the is the Seiffen church:



In the dining room we have an old buffet from my great-grandma.



The living room is my decorating playground. It took my 3 days to decorate the whole house, most time I spent here.

These are my Hubrig angels…

Weihnachtshaus6… next to those of Wendt & Kühn:


This is our collection of incense figures.

The wall hanger i did some years ago after a Debbie Mumm pattern.



nussknacker2 Raeuchermaennle1 Raeuchermaennle2

This little wooden village is very old.

Dorf2 Dorf3 Dorf4 Dorf5

My son expanded it 2 years ago with deer, lamb, trees and the church. What a surprise.

Christmas Stockings:

Stiefel Stiefel2

This is not all christmas decoration in our house, but I have to come to the end.

Here is my St. Nicholas gift to you:

It is St. Nicks shoe.


It is embroidered really fast, sure you can do it before St. Nick is over.

You can download it here:


Enjoy the file and have a nice 2nd advent weekend.





Christmas Freebie No. 1 – Santa’s hat

Every year we invite you to visit our Advent Calendar and to look what’s hidden behind the windows.

Also this year the calendar is filled with daily surprises, so come and see our Advent Calendar 2013.


Our second surprise for you is a series of Christmas Freebies for you. The first is available already today for download. The others you will find on the next Fridays in December before Christmas.

Today you can get a Santa Claus hat. You can apply it easily in the 10×10 hoop.


I embroidered it on a funny Christmas pillow.

First I applied the 4 letters with a button hole stitch on a base fabric.

I used cotton thread, this is my favourite thread for this stitch.


The letters I wrote in my word processor using a large size, printed them and cutted them out.

Then I transfered them to Vlisofix and cutted this out. Now I ironed it to the fabric and cutted the contours.

Now I ironed it to the pillow fabric and sewed it on.

This is not a big deal.


Then I placed the fabric in the hoop and applied the pointy cap. Of course you can printout the motif to find the best position.

A PDF file is contained in the ZIP Download.


That’s it for the frontside.

Use a piping and zipper and join front and back side.


Weihnachtskissen2Do you want to attach a bell to the pointy cap?


Do you like to sew your own Christmas pillow? Or use the Santa’s hat for something totally different?

Go and download it here:

Stickbaer-Freebie-Santa’s hat

Enjoy embroidering and sewing and this 1st Advent.

Liebe Grüße



Ist denn schon (bald) Weihnachten???

Ich weiß, ich bin furchtbar früh dran und eigentlich würdet Ihr zum Thema Weihnachten von mir auch noch kein Wort lesen, denn jetzt genießen wir erst einmal den Herbst, bevor wir an den Winter denken.


Bei Kasia gibt es ab heute ein ganz tolles neues Ebook und ich habe für Euch die dazu genau passenden Freebies.


Ihr könnt nämlich mit Kasias Ebook neben vielen anderen tollen Dingen aus Papier auch  superschöne und supercoole Stofflabels selbst herstellen.

Ihr druckt sie einfach auf Stoff, schneidet sie aus und  dann ??????

Kommt mein Freebie bzw. meine Freebies. zum Einsatz:



Erst einmal downloadet Ihr das ZIP-File mit gleich 6 Dateien.


Darin findet Ihr in 6 verschiedenen Maschinenformaten jeweils einen Kreis und ein Rechteck, mal mit Satinstich, mal mit einem Dreifachstich, mit denen Ihr die ausgeschnittenen Stofflabels passgenau festnähen könnt.

Das geht so einfach:

Zuerst stickt Ihr die erste Kontur:


Legt darauf das ausgeschnittene Stoffstück und stickt die nächste Farbe.

Damit wird es fixiert…


…und dann sauber mit einem Satinstich umrundet.

label rund-satin

Es gibt auch tolle ITH-Geschenk-Anhänger, die gehen auch ganz einfach und ganz automatisch mit der entsprechenden Freebie-Stickdatei:.

Stickt wieder zuerst die Umrandung, diesmal direkt auf das Stickvlies.

L1010230Darauf legt Ihr ein Stück Filz und stickt noch einmal die Kontur.

Auf diese kommt nun das ausgeschnittene Label.


Das wird jetzt wieder fixiert mit einem Zickzackstich…


…und anschließend mit einem Satinstich sauber eingefasst.


Jetzt dreht ihr den Stickrahmen um und befestigt zuerst mit ein wenig Klebeband ein Bändchen.


Legt dann noch großzügig den Filz für die Rückseite auf und fixiert ihn ebenfalls mit Klebeband.

Stickrahmen wieder umdrehen und ab in die Maschine damit.


Mit der letzten Farbe werden Rückseite und Label mit einem Geradstich fixiert, alles noch sauber ausschneiden und fertig.


Wenn Euch der kleine Vogel hier bekannt vorkommt, sollte mich das nicht wundern 😉

Den gibt es nämlich bereits als Stickdatei hier bei uns im Shop.

Christmas Doodles

In Kasias neuem Ebook werdet Ihr einige bekannte Gesichter treffen, Ihr könnt jetzt also wunderbar selbst gedruckten Stoff und Stickmotive kombinieren.

Ist das nicht genial?

Kasias Ebook findet Ihr ab heute hier.

Viel Spaß damit und mit unserem neuen Freebie und

viele liebe Grüße


My BERNINA Sewing Alphabet

As you all know I did for the BERNINA-Blog an all new alphabet.



For weeks now on every Wednesday you can download the next letter from the Bernina blog.

Meanwhile we are at P.


…and already tomorrow you find there the Q.

Claudia, one of my co-bloggers at the Bernina blog, had a special idea.

For her Munich shop Claudia did a Doorplate with the letters she already collected.

Isn’t this so nice and a perfect match?


But, since Claudia has to wait another 3 weeks for the letter S her shop needs to stay open …


Poor Claudia…

But soon the working day closes…

What about you? What did you do with these letters? I am keen to know.

Seid alle lieb gegrüßt


Sewing Alphabet Free design – Wanna peek?

Honestly, the weather is to nice sit at your computer or in your sewing room.

Nevertheless! So I created a new alphabet for the Bernina blog.

You are invited to collect on every Wednesday another letter.

Here you can see the first 3:


And today at 8 I started.

Here you can find the very first letter, the A: BERNINA-Blog.


Guess what letter will be on next wednesday?

Yes, it will need some patience. But it is worth to collect them all.


Wanna have another peek?

Kissen Home

Wait til Friday to know more.

Til then, greetings

Bis dahin wünsche ich Euch eine gute Zeit und schicke liebe Mittwochsgrüße




Doodles ABC and some Freebies

You have asked me so often for alphabet that you could use to complement our Doodles motifs

That’s why I took the last weeks and created one for you. All the letters are 8-9cm tall. They come to life from the fabrics you will use only.

They will be applied open-edged, allow them the frazzle outside the scribble contour. And they are done just in a minute.


Usually special characters are missing in embroidery alphabets. Be invited to download some as a freebie.

They perfectly match our new Doodles ABC

Doodles-Zeichen-FreebiesAnd the best is:

Exclusively you are allowed to use these 4 freebie special characters together with the Doodles letters also for business.

Please use this link for download:


And, don’t forget to have a look at our Deal of the week. This week it is the Zodiac Redwork 4×4, for only 6.50 Euro.


I wish you a happy and creative weekend.

Liebe Grüße