Rose et Lavande

I am sure you have read my trip report last week. I rhapsodized about our trip to Provence.

And as you might think these days in Southern France inspired me a lot.

So why not to create a Lavender embroider file?!

And because the lavender is not yet in bloom, but the roses are in full bloom already in may I put together lavender and roses.

Et voila:


I placed my motifs onto linen. The white cotton looks fresh and rustic and is a perfect base for the lavender and rose motifs.

The pillow covers and blankets I found in a second hand shop.


The nice lavender bouqet I got from our host in Provence, Barbara, from her garden.

Looks nice?Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-T5

The edge of the lavender bag is the edge of a toss pillow.Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-Tati-2

Of course the bags are smelling after lavender. Not from this year, the harvest starts within the next weeks. But I kept my last years crop is still fresh and smelling like Provence.Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-Tati-10

Do you like the new embroidery otifs?Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-Tati-7

From today you can get them in our Stickbaer Shop.

And, another good news, they are for the 10×10 hoop. so you can use them in a smaller machine as well.

Enjoy the new file and enjoy your weekend!

Liebe Grüße



Pineapple Quilts

Sure you’ve already read one or the other post about my own Pineapple Quilt blocks, like this one:  here.

I love quilt blocks, and so I thought it should be possible to do them also in the embroidery machine. Yes, it is, and it looks this:


I sewed (embroidered) 4 identical blocks and joined them with the Quilt-As-You-Go method (QAYG). When you don’t know this method, there are a lot of video tutorials at Youtube.

And all of you who own my Little Village Quilt BOM and together with the last block got the sewing instruction, you have a detailled picture instruction about the QAYG by me.

This is how it looks when the blocks are put together.


This is a really complete embroidery file. We have a base block in 4 hoop sizes, 5 different quilt motives that look great on the also on other patchwork blocks, and 5 quilted Pineapple blocks.

For each size, 11 files. And as usual we created some bundles for you.


This pot holder from the 16x26cm file has the right size.


This is a doily from the 18×30 file:


For the pin cushion the 13x18cm file is OK:



This blanket from 4 blocks was done from the 20x30cm file.


The beautiful fabrics are taken from the Mode collection “Windermere” and are available here in Stoffekontor.Stickbaer-Pineapplequilt-Tati-10

This is a really manifold embroidery file. You can sew whole quilts from the 6 ready blocks and the 5 quilt motives. Or you realize smaller projects that will not take too much time.

And you can mix the file with our other quilt files, like Quilt Dreams or Quilt Dreams 2.Stickbaer-Pineapplequilt-Tati-11

Do you like our latest Patchwork embroidery file?

You can get it from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Maybe you use the Pentecost weeked for a new project?

Enjoy your weekend!



Here comes our Spring Welcome House

It is amazing to see how exited you are about our Welcome Houses. We are receiving positive feedback, sometimes even with new suggestions.

That’s why we decided to add a Spring House to the Summer House, the Autumn House, the Christmas House and the Winter House.


The Spring House we did of course with bright and cheerful fabric.


There is a blooming fruit tree infront of the house, the tulips are blooming as well.Stickbaer-Spring-Welcome-House-Tati-4

At the housedoor a freshly tied door wrest has a ribon on it.Stickbaer-Spring-Welcome-House-Tati-9

And, who is looking out of the window?Stickbaer-Spring-Welcome-House-Tati-3

The window cross has a hanging heart. Look at all the tiny details.Stickbaer-Spring-Welcome-House-Tati-2

When you already own the other houses you should not miss to add the Spring Welcome House to your collection.

And when you sill do not own one house the Spring House might be a good start.

We offer it in 4 different sizes, starting from 13x18cm up to 20x36cm and in sets as well.

From today, in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy your first spring weekend, with sun and spring flowers.

Liebe Grüße



Happy Bunnies

There are only a few weeks left til Easter.

But, it does not really like like Spring: Today we have more snow then the whole winter, it is gray and cold.

And this is called “meteorological spring start”. Nobody likes this weather. The snowdrop and crocus don’t like to show up at all.

Where is the spring with the first warm sun beams, with blooming spring beds and bunnies babies?

If the last are not outside then I make my own inside the house.

Look, this is our new Easter file:

These bunnies ar eso cute we called them “Happy Bunnies”.

they have nice embellishments, ribbons, bibs. The bib is included in the collection.


Included as well is an Easter egg with bunny applique and drooping ears.

The same egg as mugrug.

The mugrug has the turn openig on the backside, the hanging egg at the side.


Mom and kid.

The peeks are colored with crayon.Stickbaer-Happy-Hasis-ITH-Tati-7 Stickbaer-Happy-Hasis-ITH-Tati-8

And I included a “bunny” heart to hang and one as mugrug.Stickbaer-Happy-Hasis-ITH-Tati-9

you can get your copy of our Happy Bunnies ITH for the 13x18cm and 16x26cm hoops from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Did I mention how fast and easy they are made?!

Enjoy your weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Some more Shabby Roses

I was asked over the last weeks if I could offer the roses used in the Roses-Egg Cosies, the  Roses-Teapot warmers and the Roses-Mugrugs as a separate Roses Collection.

So I am glad that I today can fulfill this wish, even in 2 hoop sizes.

For enhancements of girls dresses, pot and bottle warmers, trivets, … and 100,000 more ideas what you you can doo with roses. Therefore the roses in the 10x10cm variant my fit perfectly.


And, for bigger applications, like table cloth or table sets in vintage style, pillow covers and again 100,000 more things then you can take the “Romance Rose” for the 13x18cm hoop.


I did a little nice make-up bag. this will be a gift to my beloved mom to her birthday. I will put self-made creme and lotion in there.


The backside has a large roses ornament from the 13x18cm collection.

BTW, in the background there is the well-known Teapot warmer and in the foreground you see a Rose-Mugrug. they perfectly match together.


To the zipper I attached a muffin made from glass bead.Stickbaer-Romance-Rose-Tati-4 Stickbaer-Romance-Rose-Tati-5 Stickbaer-Romance-Rose-Tati-6

Some more roses I embroidered onto kitchen towels. A big enhancement, or?Stickbaer-Romance-Rose-Tati-7

Two roses edges take the full width of the towel.


Makes more fun when drying the dishes.Stickbaer-Romance-Rose-Tati-9

The roses I did with 30 thread. So I can wash the towels at 60°C. The matt look makes them look like hand-made.

When using 40 poly thread the roses will shine in your kitchen light.

Check out what you like the most.Stickbaer-Romance-Rose-Tati-10

From today you can find our Romance Rose collection in 2 sizes in our Stickbaer Shop. Each collection comes with 8 different beautiful roses, that perfectly match our other kitchen roses embroidery files.

I wish you all a nice weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Our 3rd Christmas Freebie

Today is already the last friday before Christmas.

Did you already bake all cookies, have you bought or made all gifts and wrapped them?

If yes, you got some time for embroidery and so our Freebie comes in the right time.


The script “Weihnacht” has a Santa’s hat, a candle, a garland of baubles and a star.

The motif is 7x13cm and sure you have a place where to place it.

And for you non-German speakers, we have the Freebie as well with the English script “Christmas”:


You can immediately download the file package here.

We have packed the common formats ART, exp, pes, jef, vp3, dst and hus and the color change overview.


And now we wish you a wonderful weekend and some silent hours before Christmas.

Viele liebe Grüße



The 2nd Freebie and some more bags

We are happy that you liked our 1. Christmas freebie so much.

So today we have another present for you.

The cute fawn and the christmas bunny are right for the 10x10cm hoop.

Aren’t they cute both?

Directly here you can download them in many mebroidery formats with the color change overview:


We hope you like them as much as you liked the gingerbread man last week.


Of course we wont miss to present our new embroidery file. You liked the Christmas Bags last week. From design, they are more for the adults, with a little embroidery on them, and so.

Today, we present you colorful “Winter-Wonder-Bags”, that are made right for our children.

No matter what is in the bag! The bag is the star 😉


And to have bags big enough we made them not only for the 13x18cm hoop, but also for the 16x26cm hoop.

Here you can see the difference:


We decided for 4 different motives:

The Christmas elf, the cute deer with the red nose, the Santa and the bobby hat are filling the lower part of the bag. So after filling and closing the bag they show their full beauty.


Of course one may use them for decoration.

Just fill some wadding and close them, and you have “deco bags”.Stickbaer-Winter-Wunder-Tueten-Tati-2What about to use them for the advent calendar. Next year , only, I must confess.Stickbaer-Winter-Wunder-Tueten-Tati-4 Stickbaer-Winter-Wunder-Tueten-Tati-6You can embellish the bags a lot. Glue a pompom to the nose of Santa.Stickbaer-Winter-Wunder-Tueten-Tati-8

Sew a bell to the hat of the elf. This jingles when the bag is moved.Stickbaer-Winter-Wunder-Tueten-Tati-9

If you can’t decide what size to chose you can select the package.

Enjoy our new files and the 2nd Christmas Freebie.

We wish you a wonderful weekend and 3rd Advent.

Liebe Grüße



A 1st Christmas Freebie and our new Christmas Bags

Like every year in the time before Christmas we have prepared some surprises for you.

We want to thank you for the year you spent with us, and of course hope we will see you next year as well.

Our first gift is 2 gingerbread men embroidered as applique.

If you are new to applique we have prepared some tutorials for you.

You can embroider 2 files. The smaller motif is for the 10x10cm hoop, the bigger guy is for the 13x18cm or the 14x14cm hoop.

Here is the link to the download file that comes with the 7 most relevant file formats (ART, exp, pes, jef, hus, vp3 und dst) and the color and size overview:



Of course we have a new embroidery file in the shop this week.

As a supplement to our Christmas Labels that we released last week we are now adding the Christmas Bags ITH.

They are done in no time and you have a bag ready in a fraction of the time it would take to sew a bag.

They are fully lined and don’t have visible seams.

All in all they are perfect to create gift wrapping for Christmas presents.


BTW, not to forget the sustainability, as you can collect the bags and re-use them for next Christmas.Stickbaer-Weihnachtssaeckchen-Tati-1 Stickbaer-Weihnachtssaeckchen-Tati-2

Here I show you what a wonderful supplement the Christmas Bags are to our Christmas Labels.Stickbaer-Weihnachtssaeckchen-Tati-3

Although it is to late for this years Advent Calendar, you can use the bags for next years calendar.Stickbaer-Weihnachtssaeckchen-Tati-5 Stickbaer-Weihnachtssaeckchen-Tati-6

Have fun with the gingerbread men and our Christmas Bags. Enjoy the 2nd Advent and the weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Geschenke verzieren mit Weihnachts-Labels

I like gifts. More then getting some I like making gifts to others.

I cannot wait to surprise somebody. Sometimes I am even giving (by chance) hints on the gifts I am planning or preparing.

The last step in making gifts is packing them. There I am really spending effort.

When taking brown paper I can focus on the decorations.

Ribbons, borders, labels and more.

Or I am sewing little bags and pack the gift there in.

Of course the labels are done by myself.Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-1

Often done from paper, or, like these, embroidered onto wool felt.Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-2

And for many gifts I need a lot of labels.Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-3

So it comes handy to make them in my embroidery machine. So they are done perfectly.

I only have to cut them out.
Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-6And attach them to the gift.

So many gifts and labels.Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-7

At the end I created 10 labels.

You can wish a German “FrohesFest” or a Norwegian and Swedisch “God Jul”.Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-8“Merry Christmas” of course!

Or you can say it without words, using stars, baubles or a winter glove.
Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-9 Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-10

Our new embroidery file is for the 10x10cm hoop, so everybody can do them.


And you can get them all immediately in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy this first Advent weekend!

Liebe vorweihnachtliche Grüße



Christmas Door Plate

I am sure you  were already waiting: After the Little-Cottage-Welcome-House and the Autumn-Welcome-House we now also have a Welcome House for the christmas season.

With garlands of fi, candle and more to welcome a guest to your home.


We have a real Christmas village for you:

From the left in 18x30cm, then 16x26cm and on the right in 13x18cm.Stickbaer-Christmas-Welcome-House-Tati-1The house in big (20×36) and small (13×18)

Every file comes with the script “Welcome” in English or “Willkommen” in German.Stickbaer-Christmas-Welcome-House-Tati-2Here you can see all 4 sizes together.
Stickbaer-Christmas-Welcome-House-Tati-3 Stickbaer-Christmas-Welcome-House-Tati-4This shot makes the differences in size visible.

You can decide for one size, for 2 or 3, or you opt for the super package containing all 4 sizes.Stickbaer-Christmas-Welcome-House-Tati-6

We wish you a lot of fun with the new welcome house, be it small or big.

Many Greetings and enjoy your weekend.