Cross stitch – Like handmade

Oh, I love cross stitch.

They remember me of the past, the real past, when I was not yet born.

They are so nostalgic. Sometimes I even do cross stitch embroidery by hand. But most of the time I am too impatient.

How about you? Do you want to create “handmade” embroidery without spending so much time?

Maybe this is the right collection for you?

I put together for you 18 wonderful nostalgic and christmas motifs in cross stitch for 10x10cm and 13x18cm hoops. nl-vintage-crossstitch

And as an on-top 2 bonus files for the jumbo hoop.jumbo

Last week I gave another embroidery software course at  Stoffekontor in Leipzig (we had a lot of fun with the 12 participants) and there I found the right basis for my cross stitch project “Vintage Cross Stitch”: linen band.

They are perfect for this kind of embroidery. stickbaer-vintrage-crossstitch-tati-1

I simply embroidered the big heart onto the ends of the band …stickbaer-vintrage-crossstitch-tati-2

… and draped the band to a ribbon and put a tiny red-white checkered band on it.

A little red bell completes the work.stickbaer-vintrage-crossstitch-tati-3

And, does this look as made by hand? It took the machine only 6 minutes for one heart!


What shall I do with the time I get? Yes, embroider all the other lovely motifs 🙂

elchbaum sterne

The whole 18+2 collection “Vintage Cross Stitch” is available today in our Stickbaer Shop.


By the way, cross stitch: Last week we had this released in our shop: gift (or for others) tags, completely done in the embroidery machine. You only have to attach them to your presents.


All in all 8 different cute tags that you can do in no time and give joy to your relatives or event the postman.


Or you use them with the “Vintage Cross Stitch Bags”.stickbaer-vintage-crossstitch-tags-6

You find them here in the Stickbaer

Did I say I love cross stitch? 😉

Enjoy your weekend!

Seid alle lieb gegrüßt



Vintage Cross Stitch Bags ITH

Christmas not only is a traditional event for many people but also an event where we give presents to our beloved. We wrap the gifts in colorful paper and ribbons and place them under the christmas tree.

And when the christmas eve or morning is over there is left only a pile of paper, that we stow into the paper recycling.

That’s why I try to use reusable gift wrapping. Not only our advent calendars is reused year after year. Also other gift wrapping is timeless. Like textile bags. They are useful and care for the environment.

And they are top … when they have embroidery on them.

To give you the chance to save the earth 😉 we put together a little file collection for embroidered cross stitch bags.stickbaer-vintage-crossstitchbags-tati-2 stickbaer-vintage-crossstitchbags-tati-3

Each of the bags is about 13x18cm so it can hold something.

Not all presents have to be large. The smaller, the finer, …stickbaer-vintage-crossstitchbags-tati-4

You can close the bags with a ribbon or a cord.stickbaer-vintage-crossstitchbags-tati-5

I did the cross stitches with cotton thread. This does not have to be embroidery thread, sewing thread works well.stickbaer-vintage-crossstitchbags-tati-6

The stitches a looking like they were handmade!!!stickbaer-vintage-crossstitchbags-tati-7

Not only the present is a gift, the wrapping is it as well.stickbaer-vintage-crossstitchbags-tati-8

and the bags can be reused many times.stickbaer-vintage-crossstitchbags-tati-9

Our latest embroidery file with 7 different ITH bags is available today in our Stickbaer

Did I mention that it takes not much time to make them?

Of course you get a detailled instruction.

Enjoy your weekend, we will have an extended due to a holiday next week.

A lot of time for embroidery 🙂

Liebe Grüße



Cross Stitches, Vintage.

Last week you loved our latest ITH collection “Nordish Cross Stitch ITH” so much.

Many thanks for the warm emails, and thanks for your orders, of course.

The nostalgic charme of the ITH hearts and stars comes from their cross stitches, do you agree?

do you like to embroider them onto other things as well?

This week we have a full lineup of cross stitch designs for you.


They really can be used every where, they are so tiny and cute and fit into the smallest place.

Like this: Take some fabric remnants and create hangers for the christmas tree or labes for your christmas presents.

Or frame them into a wooden embroidery hoop.



I like the cross stitch motifs the most when they are done using 30 cotton thread.

Compare yourself! These tags are done with the 40 poly thread by Mettler:Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-5

The “Advent” script and the motifs in the hoops I did with a cotton thread.

They are looking like they were made by hand.

Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-6Beides hat seinen Charme, findet Ihr nicht auch?

These wooden hoops I think are a good idea to present some embroidery works in a suitable way.

I change them depending from the time of the year and hang them onto the wall.Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-8

In the christmas time a perfect embellishment are bellsStickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-9 Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-10

This pillow cover is for my cherry pit pillow I am using in the evening to heal my aching from computer work neck.Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-2 Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-4Looks like handmade!

The complete selection comes with 16 different embroidery motifs, 5 ot hem are for the 13x18cm hoop, the others for the 10x10cm hoop.

So we offer a reduced collection for the 10x10cm hoop too.

Both collections are available from today in the Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy your weekend, use the time for embroidering!

Liebe Grüße



Nordish Cross Stitch

I like clear colors, checkered and striped fabric and cross stitch. When all comes together: perfect!

For our new embroidery file we combined simple, handmade looking cross stitch with the latest fabrics from the collection “Bergen” by Westfalenstoffe.

The result is the “Nordish Cross Stitch ITH” collection, a set of 7 different wonderful hearts and stars for the christmas tree, christmas decoration or door wrest. They are done completely in the hoop in the machine including great cross stitch motifs.

Aren’t they looking like they were made by hand?


Do you own the 10x10cm hoop? then you should take the mini pack of 3 motifs, 2 hearts and 1 star. Do you have a 13x18cm hoop? Take the series of 4 motifs. Want to have them all? The complete package has 7 different ITH embroidery motifs.

It is up to you …

Do you want to know what makes it so easy? Then lean back and watch our video tutorial we prepared for you:


Have you seen how easy it is?

So we made lots of them …


…embellished them with checkered ribbons.Stickbaer-Nordish-Cross-Stitch-Tati-7

We used a 30 cotton thread for the cross stitch.

Important is that you chose the right embroidery needle. For the thick cotton thread an 80 needle is a good choice.


This the motifs are looking like embroidered by hand with wool yarn.

And you cheated and did them all in your embroidery machine.Stickbaer-Nordish-Cross-Stitch-Tati-3Use them for table decoration, in your christmas tree, …Stickbaer-Nordish-Cross-Stitch-Tati-4 … bind one to each present, hang them onto the cabinat knob, the door opener…Stickbaer-Nordish-Cross-Stitch-Tati-5… stuff them with a mixture of rice, cinnamon and aniseed…Stickbaer-Nordish-Cross-Stitch-Tati-6
… make a new door wrest.Stickbaer-Nordish-Cross-Stitch-Tati-10

I am sure there are hundreds more ideas what to do with our ITH hangers.

From today you can find them in our shop.

Seid alle ganz herzlich gegrüßt



My new Roses Bag

Sometimes it simply takes some time. That’s why this bag became a year project of mine.

The really great pattern I got from Machwerk. It is their bag “Arya”. I cutted out and embroidered to bag’s pieces already one year ago. Yes, you are reading right, one year.

Then something different came to my mind … and I forgot about it.

But now I finished it.


My “Arya” is bright and “rosy”. The front has a cross-stitch rose by my own.

It looks handmade but is done on the machine with 30 cotton thread.


In the bag I used some roses fabric.


The leather handles I made from some may green leather remnants and the needed metal pieces according to the ebook of Machwerk.

It is really easy to do. So you handle makers: I have no need to buy in future from you 😉


The back of my bag has a pocket with a zipper.


The idea for the leather pompon I also got from Machwerk, another inspiration of their Martina.


The inner pockets are for the smartphone and Krimskrams (german for odds and ends).


Now I am waiting for the summer to show the world my new creation.


The roses motif is from the embroidery file “Rosenkreuzstich”.


Why not offer this file and the little sister “Rosenkreuzstich” for the 13x18cm hoop this week as the Deal of the Week in our Shop?


So you can sew and embroider your own roses Arya right now.

Enjoy a beautiful and sunny weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Rose kitchen, romantic gomes in to the kitchen

The last days I had shown you many new things, I had embroidered with the crosstich motives of my new file.

Now you can buy the new embroidery files in our shop. I want to present them to you in the following.

The file is so manifold!

Along with the crosstich motives you can also find 2 different egg cosies ITH and a rose heart ITH in the embroidery file.


The egg cosies are made of  thick wool felt.




You get one embroidery file in two sizes for the cooking book cover…


Out of this it became something like this 🙂


…and a embroidery file for a kitchen hanging


Those can look like this:


And now you can embroider the dish towels so very romantic:


Perfectly matching with the egg cosies:



For all of you with the long embroidery hoop there is a extra 30 cm  bonus file.


Which is also in the file for the 13 x18 embroidery hoop .


And for the 10×10 embroidery hoop there are along with the egg cosies roses and one cupcake .


I could go on embroiderying so long…

The whole file with 12 partly work intensive motives you can find now in our shop.

Of course there is too a detailed step by step instruction in german or english.

Have a nice weekend  and

good friday greets




Something for the wall? For the couch ? For the taste?

A kitchen isn’t only a functional room, it has to look great too. Anyhow it is like this in my kitchen…

Cause of this I thought, that a little bit useless things is perfect for every kitchen.

For example a hanger like this one…


So that everyone knows for which room it is, it is written in big letters in the middle of the hanger.


This embroidery you can find in the new embroidery file wich you can buy from friday in our shop

You only have to embroider it at a nice piece of fabric, maybe you can sew a border on it,

sew in two loops and hang it up.


If you want to do it perfectly, you could sew in a little  braid.


This you can find of course too in the wonderful embroidery file.


Perfectly matching to the hanger I had sewed a pillow.

But it didn’t find a matching place in my Little kitchen. so I have to put it at our bank in the dining room.


The braid made with crosstich you can repeat as often as you like.

All patterns can be combined together.


All motives are made with cotton yarn. That looks like being hand made from your grandma.


So comfortable I had used my wonderfully decorated kitchen for baking.

Who is following my blog already already knows that I love baking.

This time I had baked flower Cookies.


Of course this wasn’t all, exactly twelve I had  made. I think that they will be fresh for some days.

With my new cutter I had a lot of fun this time I have made many Butterflys.


Next time I will make hearts.

Nice greatings



Safe covered baking book

At Sunday I have shown you my favorite baking book. It is so wonderful pink, it is so nice to look at!


But after a few years it wouldn’t still look so pretty like now.

That would be so bad :(.

A nice cover will be fine to protect it …

A cover like this for example?


Made of  wool felt, embroidered and sewed, it is a nice book cover.

In this cover I have put in my own recipes, but for the new cooking book I will sew another one.


The roses are made of cotton yarn…


And if you are looking for this file in our shop you couldn’t find it ;)… cause it will be at the shop

at the next Friday.

And in this file there is so many that one blog artikle isn’t enough.

Cause of this tomorrow there will be the next one.

Nice greetings until than





Weekend Needle and Paper Work

How was your weekend?

Could you stay in your sewing room, at this bright weather?

Or did you like me and brought your sewing utensils to the fresh air?

The table on our terace is big enough. Not only for my crochet yarn, paints, glue, pencils, paper and sissors, even for the rocket models.

On the last my husband and son spent their saturday afternoon while I was crocheting.

The motif below on the grey wool felt is the big rose from this Cross stitch collection. Then I cut out a circle, ironed on colored cotton to the back side with Vliesofix, round embroidered with languettes and crocheted a border from double stitches.

Haekeldeckchen1 Haekeldeckchen2 Haekeldeckchen3


When I was done with crocheting I painted 2 splint boxes in pink.

Worthless to do. Later I put Tilda paper on it.

Dose2 Dosen4

Now the boxes are accompanying my strawberry jar, holding things like paper clips etc.



Now, the weather is still best, I am back to my sewing room, preparing the new files for Friday release.

Let’s talk about this later.


One other thing:

Often I have been asked to also offer the Doodles-ABC-Collection “in small”. I understand that for example the big letters of ca. 9cm are a problem with longer words. E.g. you sew “Anna-Katharina” on a little pillow :o)

That’s why I added 5.5cm high letters as an option to the Doodles-ABC . Chose your size before putting to the cart.

A-CI wish you a nice week.

Liebe Grüße





Sewing Alphabet Free design – Wanna peek?

Honestly, the weather is to nice sit at your computer or in your sewing room.

Nevertheless! So I created a new alphabet for the Bernina blog.

You are invited to collect on every Wednesday another letter.

Here you can see the first 3:


And today at 8 I started.

Here you can find the very first letter, the A: BERNINA-Blog.


Guess what letter will be on next wednesday?

Yes, it will need some patience. But it is worth to collect them all.


Wanna have another peek?

Kissen Home

Wait til Friday to know more.

Til then, greetings

Bis dahin wünsche ich Euch eine gute Zeit und schicke liebe Mittwochsgrüße