Starting my Darla-Quilt

Already 3 years ago I got a big stack of wonderful, colorful fabrics by Anja of Stoffekontor. They are from the roses fabrics out of the Darla-Kollektion by Tanya Whelan.

It was clear to me that I will create a quilt from these fabrics. Never thought it would last 3 years.

But you know yourself, thousands of different things are comming. And I was missing the right idea. Sounds familiar?

Lucky me this week we had our yearly Quilting weekend. We, this is some really good friends. We meet to see, eat and talk a few times a year. But once or twice a year we have a sewing weekend to accomplish larger projects.

It was clear to me: Now is the time! And I will quilt by hand.

But first of all I had to bake. My role for this meeting was the baker. As for every meeting  it was planned well and everybody had his tasks to do to prepare the meeting and have the perfect meal.

On Friday we had a home made tomato soup and Pizza bread.

And after:


On Saturday we had fish with mango and banana and rice, as a dessert we had pannacotta and mango puree. And another time my cupcakes.

But most important, 2 days for non-interupted sewing so I could finish the top of my quilt.


For the inner squares I used each fabric only once. So I can make at least 20 pillows and 5 table runners as I still have enough.

It will be a quilt for the dining room.

The pattern is simple, only squares and white borders. This you can see the beauty  of the fabric.

Only the edge is made from many little squares.


Did I already mention that I am quilting this by hand? I am proud of this since this is my first one. I love to do this, also because of the softness of the quilt. You can’t compare it to a machine quilted quilt.

Yesterday, using the fine weather I got one forth finished.

And you put it aside only to go after some water to drink …


Now I have some cat hair on the quilt…


Do you know what will accomplish the quilt?


So as I want to finish the quilt til Easter I am continuing now.



Von .


  1. Das ist einen sehr schönen Quilt Tatjana. Lilo mag der Quilt bestimmt auch.


    • Ja, liebe Lotta, Lilo LIEBT ihn schon jetzt. Sie mag aber generell alle meine Decken, sie legt sich nie einfach nur aufs Sofa, es muss immer etwas drunter sein. Kater Muck ist da ganz anders, er legt sich überall hin 😉
      Liebe Grüße

  2. liebe Tati, meine Güte, was für ein herrlicher Quilt, ich mag die Stoffe von Tania auch so gerne, sie sind edel und zeitlos, die Farben einfach schön..,. das hast du wunderbar gemacht, soo schön.Und klar, dass sich deine Katze SOFORT drauf legen musste, das ist bei allen Katzen so, unglaublich.Kann auch nichts für einen Moment auf das Sofa legen oder den Boden, um ein Bild zu machen -schwupps sitzt der Benji drauf!!

    Ganz liebe Grüße!! Herzlichst deine cornelia

    • Liebe Cornelia,

      ja, die Tanya Whelan macht so tolle Stoffe, am liebsten hätte ich ALLE davon, aber irgendwo muss man sich ja mal Grenzen setzen, lach…
      Auf alle Fälle werde ich aber noch mal so einen Quilt nähen aus anderen Rosenstoffen von ihr, für meine Mama.
      Liebe Grüße
      Deine Tati

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