Rose bags

Yes, we know what your favourites are, what styles you like. Quite high in the ranking are all kinds of ITH files. And within the ITH’s, you like the bags the most.

On the other hand you love flowers, especially the roses.

So why not to do an ITH file for bags with roses. See what the outcome is:


A big package of beautiful embroidery files, all for the 13x18cm hoop. They are done in a little time only (honestly the bags with flap take a little longer). All bags look pretty and a very useful.

These are the bags with the roses on them:


Here come the bags without embroidery. You can put accents on them with crochet flowers, Yo-Yo’s, quilt stitches, …


I love them all. Look like they are sorted in my shelf:


I closed my bags with Kam-Snaps, this is easy and done fast.


And I put some quilt stitches onto the flap.Stickbaer-Rosentaschen-13x18-Tati-6The bag at the bottom has a Yo-Yo sewed on.Stickbaer-Rosentaschen-13x18-Tati-7

It is a good idea to use a brighter fabric for the flaps when you put the roses on it.Stickbaer-Rosentaschen-13x18-Tati-8 Stickbaer-Rosentaschen-13x18-Tati-9

Why not to use fabrics with rose print?Stickbaer-Rosentaschen-13x18-Tati-10

As an addition to the bags for the 13x18cm hoop we also offer some for the 10x10cm hoop:


They are a perfect company to the bigger sisters and perfectly hide lipstick and creme.


Or flexis:


Look at this arrangement:


Both rose bage files, for the 10x10cm and the 13x18cm hoops you can find in the Stickbaer Shop.

Have a look before going into the weekend.

Seid alle lieb gegrüßt



Von .


  1. Heike Dunker says

    Hallo liebes Stickbärteam, ihr macht wirklich tolle Sachen.Vielleicht ist es ja möglich als Blumen mal
    Stiefmütterchen zu nehmen.Ich würde mich freuen.Eure Heike

    • Hallo liebe Heike,
      das ist eine wunderbare Idee, da werde ich mich mal heran begeben und etwas schönes mit Stiefmütterchen zaubern 🙂
      Liebe Grüße

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