Wonderful Autumn

Here I'm back again. Shame on me, I enjoyed this great summer so much and did not waste any thought on staying at the desk or computer. And the last … [Continue reading]

Handlook Flowers

By nature I am not a patient girl. Long running projects? Not with me! While doing a long running project there are so many new ideas coming to my … [Continue reading]

Crochet Bags

Do you have a favourite hand crafting for the different times in the year? I am crocheting and knitting only when it is warm, means in summer. Sounds … [Continue reading]

Shabby HOME and Shabby LOVE

The last and this week we are dealing with letters, pillow covers and the shabby style. Last week we showed to you the "Shabby HOME" files, you can … [Continue reading]

Quilting fabric in the Embroidery Machine

The idea for this new embroidery file I got from one of my longtime testers, Cornelia of Zwergenwelt. Cornelia desired a quilted fabric, to be more … [Continue reading]

Roses and Lavender ITH

Since you loved our Lavender and Roses files "Rose et Lavande" and "Lavendelsäckchen" so much here is a last one with these romantic motifs. We … [Continue reading]

Lavender Bags

http://www.stickbaer.de/en/New/Lavender-Bags.htmlAs you can see I am still envolved in the "Provence" story. It was really great. And now, lavander is … [Continue reading]

Rose et Lavande

I am sure you have read my trip report last week. I rhapsodized about our trip to Provence. And as you might think these days in Southern France … [Continue reading]


Were you asking where I have been for the last time? Why it became a little bit quite the last days here? OK, here I am, back from French Provence, … [Continue reading]

Pineapple Quilts

Sure you've already read one or the other post about my own Pineapple Quilt blocks, like this one:  here. I love quilt blocks, and so I thought it … [Continue reading]