Little Village Quilt – BOM 5 in November

Tomorrow we have November 1st. It’s time for the November block of our Little-Village-Quilt-Collection.

What about the other 4 blocks. Are they ready embroidered and sewed? Are you already anxious for the next block?


In the November there is not too much what happens in our little village. It is quite and silent. Trees are loosing their leaves. The little bird is fluffed up for cold and is waiting. Maybe for some bird seed, maybe for the first snow?

Who knows?


I did my block with batting and backside fabric. So I can do my quilting right now.


Then I can, when all blocks are ready use the QUILT AS YOU GO method to finish my quilt.

When we get to the last block I will explain the method in detail.


Quilting I did of course with my Sashiko. You can do hand-quilting instead.

Or do a surrounding seam with the sewing machine.


The batting makes it look 3D plastic.


You see, we are getting forward.

In next month, we will have the have of the blocks done.


Please send in your ready made blocks to be shared among our Little Village Quilt BOM community on Pinterest.

Get your BOM5, the November block, today in the Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy this weekend.



Von .

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