Cross stitch – Like handmade

Oh, I love cross stitch.

They remember me of the past, the real past, when I was not yet born.

They are so nostalgic. Sometimes I even do cross stitch embroidery by hand. But most of the time I am too impatient.

How about you? Do you want to create “handmade” embroidery without spending so much time?

Maybe this is the right collection for you?

I put together for you 18 wonderful nostalgic and christmas motifs in cross stitch for 10x10cm and 13x18cm hoops. nl-vintage-crossstitch

And as an on-top 2 bonus files for the jumbo hoop.jumbo

Last week I gave another embroidery software course at  Stoffekontor in Leipzig (we had a lot of fun with the 12 participants) and there I found the right basis for my cross stitch project “Vintage Cross Stitch”: linen band.

They are perfect for this kind of embroidery. stickbaer-vintrage-crossstitch-tati-1

I simply embroidered the big heart onto the ends of the band …stickbaer-vintrage-crossstitch-tati-2

… and draped the band to a ribbon and put a tiny red-white checkered band on it.

A little red bell completes the work.stickbaer-vintrage-crossstitch-tati-3

And, does this look as made by hand? It took the machine only 6 minutes for one heart!


What shall I do with the time I get? Yes, embroider all the other lovely motifs 🙂

elchbaum sterne

The whole 18+2 collection “Vintage Cross Stitch” is available today in our Stickbaer Shop.


By the way, cross stitch: Last week we had this released in our shop: gift (or for others) tags, completely done in the embroidery machine. You only have to attach them to your presents.


All in all 8 different cute tags that you can do in no time and give joy to your relatives or event the postman.


Or you use them with the “Vintage Cross Stitch Bags”.stickbaer-vintage-crossstitch-tags-6

You find them here in the Stickbaer

Did I say I love cross stitch? 😉

Enjoy your weekend!

Seid alle lieb gegrüßt



Von .


  1. Rosi Lanz says

    Hallo Tatjana, hier schreibt dir wieder mal die Rosi. Ich verfolge deine Kurse, leider kann ich nicht daran teilnehmen,weil ich eine Hus Software.Ich würde gerne etwas dazu lernen. LG Rosi

  2. Ich liebe Handarbeiten und für die Weihnachtszeit plane ich, eine große Tischdecke zu sticken. Dazu sind die Motive auf dieser Seite perfekt geeignet. Ich werde auf alle Fälle die beiden Rentiere mit dem Büumchen in der Mitte mit einbeziehen. Aber auch die Geschenkanhänger sind eine gute Idee.

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