Christmas Presents

I know, I know, the heading sounds strange begin of january …

But I wanted to show you not the presents I am preparing, but the presents I received last Christmas.

My husband fulfilled a longtime wish of mine. I am loving the little wooden figures of Wendt&Kühn so much. The angels orchestra, the flower kids and marguerites kids. I am owning already some of them, for many, many years. Some of them I got from my great-grandmother. This you can (unfortunately) see. Some are missing a flower or even an arm.


Some others I got 20 years back from my colleagues during a  banking seminar (it was my birthday) in Oberwiesenthal.



My secret wish was a music box.

And now I got one. It is rather old and my husband reworked it.


It is playing the German children song “Alle Vöglein sind schon da…” (See German Wikipedia)



Look how perfectly my Flower kids are looking at the music box.


Of course I did a matching “floor”: a Hexie-Log-Cabin in matching colors.


My husband said a doily would be a better match?!



There is another present to mention I did to myself.


My new motobike is a 2006 BMW F650 GS.

My first plan to buy a Honda. There is no big choice when you are 1,59m.

I found a black F650 at a BMW dealer, however finally made it this red one. We found it near Regensburg over the Internet. OMG, what have we done in those anxious times without internet.

Regensburg is just one hour to drive so we picked the bike in december.



The perfect size for me.


Hah. Not yet perfect. I still have to get a license.

But on Wednesday I’ll start my lessons. I will go to drivers school together with my son Paul who is doing the license as well.


This is our garage looking now:


On the left the F650 of my husband, the white Yamaha is the WR125R of Paul and in the back is my BMW.

Our cars? They are outside. No problem for the Volvo. But the Fiat likes it warm.

And now all we are waiting for the spring to come.

Many greetings.



Von .


  1. Monika Müller says

    Na das sind doch mal tolle Weihnachtsgeschenke. Viel Spass beim lernen und noch mehr Spass beim Fahren. Der Frühling kommt noch.
    LG und alles Gute fürs Neue Jahr

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