Big Girlz

Do you like our Doodles?

For 2 years now I am co-operating with Kasia and you can see the results of our work in the Shop category “Doodles”.

Most of the motifs are for the 13x18cm hoop, some are for the 10x10cm hoop.

But there aren’t any motifs bigger then that. So I was begging Kasia for for a way out. I aksed her to sketch some bigger girls, with lots of details to embroider.

I was heard and as soon as I received the drawings I started to give them life.

So now I have here girls for the 18x30cm hoop, or for the 16x26cm hoop or the 20x26cm hoop.

It is your choice!


The first test for all my embroidery files are the reactions of my testers. What would they say?

All of them replyed with a clear  “Yeah, let me test it, …”. All their results should me that the time had come for Big Girlz Doodles.

Look at Sandra‘s creation, a complete collection for her angel.


Isn’t she looking like an angel…


Together with the coat she got a new baker boy cap…


And all the others, look what they created.

I am sure you now have your own ideas for your Big Girlz. From today you can find them in our Stickbaer Shop.

We wish you a nice weekend, and to all of you who have now school free, enjoy the holidays!

Liebe Grüße



Von .


  1. Elisabeth says

    Hallo Tatjana!
    ich bin wieder einmal sooo begeistert von den neuen Doodels, finde die Big Girlz soooo zauberhaft! Wollte Dir auch endlich mal ein Kompliment für Deine Seite machen, so viele Designs mit so viel Liebe im Detail findet man wirklich nicht oft! Wenn ich nur mehr Zeit hätte mit meinen zwei Zwergen…
    Wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie schöne Ostern!
    Ganz viele liebe Grüße

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