Bathing Day

From Washday to Bathday 😉

Many thanks for all your comments regarding my wallcover with the Washday. Now, in summer time this is really fun, since I can dry the clothes in garden on the clothesline. The clothes are dancing in the sun …

My beloved husband got inspired by the sun as well. Not to wash clothing, but to cleanup the garden pond.


No, he is not taking a bath, it’s only looking like he does.

It is only easier to remove old plants and leaves from the lily pads right from the centre of the pond.


I myself would never, never go into the pond.

Hard to see already …

The water is not dirty, but there are frogs, newts, toads, water striders, dragonfly larvas, and i dont know what else.

For me it’s looking nice from the water side.


I wish you a nice summer day.

Liebe Grüße



Von .


  1. Mimi Smith says

    Your husband deserves a medal! We had to really clean the pool and I thought it was wonderful of my husband to take care of it!

  2. Tina Rautenkranz says

    DemLieblingsmann scheints zu gefallen .. aaaaber pssst .. bei dem ” Inhalt ” des Teiches würds mich auch gruseln .. Frösche, Molche iiiiihhhhh .. aber ein schöner Teich ist das ..*schwärm*

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