Über Tatjana

Ich heiße Tatjana, bin so jung, wie ich mich fühle, verheiratet mit dem weltbesten Mann und stolze Mama eines Sohnes.
Wir wohnen sehr ländlich in einem winzigen Dorf, mitten im Grünen und ich habe hier in unserem Haus Platz genug für meine dekorativen Anfälle...
und werde Euch hier die Ergebnisse meiner "kreativen Anfälle" zeigen.
Außerdem erfahrt Ihr hier auch, was es Neues in meinem Stickbär-Shop geben wird.
Ich wünsche euch viel Freude beim Lesen.
Eure Tatjana

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Hier sind meine letzten Beiträge

Our 3rd Christmas Freebie

Today is already the last friday before Christmas.

Did you already bake all cookies, have you bought or made all gifts and wrapped them?

If yes, you got some time for embroidery and so our Freebie comes in the right time.


The script “Weihnacht” has a Santa’s hat, a candle, a garland of baubles and a star.

The motif is 7x13cm and sure you have a place where to place it.

And for you non-German speakers, we have the Freebie as well with the English script “Christmas”:


You can immediately download the file package here.

We have packed the common formats ART, exp, pes, jef, vp3, dst and hus and the color change overview.


And now we wish you a wonderful weekend and some silent hours before Christmas.

Viele liebe Grüße



The 2nd Freebie and some more bags

We are happy that you liked our 1. Christmas freebie so much.

So today we have another present for you.

The cute fawn and the christmas bunny are right for the 10x10cm hoop.

Aren’t they cute both?

Directly here you can download them in many mebroidery formats with the color change overview:


We hope you like them as much as you liked the gingerbread man last week.


Of course we wont miss to present our new embroidery file. You liked the Christmas Bags last week. From design, they are more for the adults, with a little embroidery on them, and so.

Today, we present you colorful “Winter-Wonder-Bags”, that are made right for our children.

No matter what is in the bag! The bag is the star 😉


And to have bags big enough we made them not only for the 13x18cm hoop, but also for the 16x26cm hoop.

Here you can see the difference:


We decided for 4 different motives:

The Christmas elf, the cute deer with the red nose, the Santa and the bobby hat are filling the lower part of the bag. So after filling and closing the bag they show their full beauty.


Of course one may use them for decoration.

Just fill some wadding and close them, and you have “deco bags”.Stickbaer-Winter-Wunder-Tueten-Tati-2What about to use them for the advent calendar. Next year , only, I must confess.Stickbaer-Winter-Wunder-Tueten-Tati-4 Stickbaer-Winter-Wunder-Tueten-Tati-6You can embellish the bags a lot. Glue a pompom to the nose of Santa.Stickbaer-Winter-Wunder-Tueten-Tati-8

Sew a bell to the hat of the elf. This jingles when the bag is moved.Stickbaer-Winter-Wunder-Tueten-Tati-9

If you can’t decide what size to chose you can select the package.

Enjoy our new files and the 2nd Christmas Freebie.

We wish you a wonderful weekend and 3rd Advent.

Liebe Grüße



A 1st Christmas Freebie and our new Christmas Bags

Like every year in the time before Christmas we have prepared some surprises for you.

We want to thank you for the year you spent with us, and of course hope we will see you next year as well.

Our first gift is 2 gingerbread men embroidered as applique.

If you are new to applique we have prepared some tutorials for you.

You can embroider 2 files. The smaller motif is for the 10x10cm hoop, the bigger guy is for the 13x18cm or the 14x14cm hoop.

Here is the link to the download file that comes with the 7 most relevant file formats (ART, exp, pes, jef, hus, vp3 und dst) and the color and size overview:



Of course we have a new embroidery file in the shop this week.

As a supplement to our Christmas Labels that we released last week we are now adding the Christmas Bags ITH.

They are done in no time and you have a bag ready in a fraction of the time it would take to sew a bag.

They are fully lined and don’t have visible seams.

All in all they are perfect to create gift wrapping for Christmas presents.


BTW, not to forget the sustainability, as you can collect the bags and re-use them for next Christmas.Stickbaer-Weihnachtssaeckchen-Tati-1 Stickbaer-Weihnachtssaeckchen-Tati-2

Here I show you what a wonderful supplement the Christmas Bags are to our Christmas Labels.Stickbaer-Weihnachtssaeckchen-Tati-3

Although it is to late for this years Advent Calendar, you can use the bags for next years calendar.Stickbaer-Weihnachtssaeckchen-Tati-5 Stickbaer-Weihnachtssaeckchen-Tati-6

Have fun with the gingerbread men and our Christmas Bags. Enjoy the 2nd Advent and the weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Geschenke verzieren mit Weihnachts-Labels

I like gifts. More then getting some I like making gifts to others.

I cannot wait to surprise somebody. Sometimes I am even giving (by chance) hints on the gifts I am planning or preparing.

The last step in making gifts is packing them. There I am really spending effort.

When taking brown paper I can focus on the decorations.

Ribbons, borders, labels and more.

Or I am sewing little bags and pack the gift there in.

Of course the labels are done by myself.Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-1

Often done from paper, or, like these, embroidered onto wool felt.Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-2

And for many gifts I need a lot of labels.Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-3

So it comes handy to make them in my embroidery machine. So they are done perfectly.

I only have to cut them out.
Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-6And attach them to the gift.

So many gifts and labels.Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-7

At the end I created 10 labels.

You can wish a German “FrohesFest” or a Norwegian and Swedisch “God Jul”.Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-8“Merry Christmas” of course!

Or you can say it without words, using stars, baubles or a winter glove.
Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-9 Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-10

Our new embroidery file is for the 10x10cm hoop, so everybody can do them.


And you can get them all immediately in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy this first Advent weekend!

Liebe vorweihnachtliche Grüße



Christmas Door Plate

I am sure you  were already waiting: After the Little-Cottage-Welcome-House and the Autumn-Welcome-House we now also have a Welcome House for the christmas season.

With garlands of fi, candle and more to welcome a guest to your home.


We have a real Christmas village for you:

From the left in 18x30cm, then 16x26cm and on the right in 13x18cm.Stickbaer-Christmas-Welcome-House-Tati-1The house in big (20×36) and small (13×18)

Every file comes with the script “Welcome” in English or “Willkommen” in German.Stickbaer-Christmas-Welcome-House-Tati-2Here you can see all 4 sizes together.
Stickbaer-Christmas-Welcome-House-Tati-3 Stickbaer-Christmas-Welcome-House-Tati-4This shot makes the differences in size visible.

You can decide for one size, for 2 or 3, or you opt for the super package containing all 4 sizes.Stickbaer-Christmas-Welcome-House-Tati-6

We wish you a lot of fun with the new welcome house, be it small or big.

Many Greetings and enjoy your weekend.



Christmas Toys

Today we open a toy shop 😉

Not really. I only want to present you our latest embroidery files that can be used as toys for the kiddies. Then of course you should leave the bells and other loose stuff away.

With our latest file you can create hearts with angel wings, small and bigger gingerbread men, stars, christmas trees flat or in 3D. Not to forget the elves stockings…


Put the wings to the gingerbread man, or leave them alone, as decoration.Stickbaer-Weihnachtsspielereien-Tati-1

Or attach them to the heart.

Isn’t this a colorful christmas toy world?Stickbaer-Weihnachtsspielereien-Tati-2

The little pom-poms on the fir are the christmas baubles.Stickbaer-Weihnachtsspielereien-Tati-3

Everywhere tiny baubles.

And red-white cord…Stickbaer-Weihnachtsspielereien-Tati-4

Isn’t this is goodly fir tree? We stacked the 5 different stars contained in the package, joined them with a thick string in the middle and decorated the ready tree.

This is so easy!

Or you place 2 stars one on the other and pack them as a present.

Done is a jingling 3D star.Stickbaer-Weihnachtsspielereien-Tati-6

Romatic hearts with wings …Stickbaer-Weihnachtsspielereien-Tati-7 Stickbaer-Weihnachtsspielereien-Tati-8This is our fir forrest …Stickbaer-Weihnachtsspielereien-Tati-9

The Christmas Toys are perfect for decorating a door wreast.

This one I prepared for my Anja of Stoffekontor and gave it to her last week during my BERNINA-software course.

She immediately hanged it to the white house door.


Do you like our Toy Shop?

From today you can get all 14 files in our Stickbaer Shop.

Let’s go playing … no, embroidering 😉

I wish you a great weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Christmas Stockings 2015

For some years now, exactly since 2010, in November, we are publishing our Christmas Stockings. I know that some of you are collecting them (like the collectible Christmas bells of a well known porcelain manufacture). OK, for the moment there are more bells then stockings… BTW, I have all the bells 😉

So our mission is to offer a new stocking every year.

This year we keep the design pure and clean. This gives more place for the applique fabric you chose.


For our collection, inspired by nordic motifs, we again used the fabrics from Westfalenstoffe out of their collection “Bergen”. They perfectly match light colored wool felt.


Little red bells are jingeling, when I am moving the stocking.Stickbaer-Weihnachtsstiefel-2015-Tati-8

Here you can compare the different sizes from 13×18 over 16×26 to 18×30 and20x36cm. Isn’t this quite impressing?!Stickbaer-Weihnachtsstiefel-2015-Tati-10

Our stockings are done with wool felt, so they are very stable.

When you do not have the felt in the right color you can hide the felt with fabric. Place a fabric on top of the felt before continuing. For the details on this have a look at the attached embroidery instruction.

The result looks like this:

Stickbaer-Weihnachtsstiefel-2015-Tati-1 Stickbaer-Weihnachtsstiefel-2015-Tati-2

You can see the dark felt only at the waved edge, and of course on the back.Stickbaer-Weihnachtsstiefel-2015-Tati-3

There are so many options to embroider the stockings: with chistmas fabrics, inspired from nordic motifs, or do you like flowers?

Now it is up to you: Chose from different hoop sizes and several packages. Sure you find your Christmas Stocking 2015. So come over to our Stickbaer Shop!

Enjoy a creative weekend!

Liebe Grüße



Cross Stitches, Vintage.

Last week you loved our latest ITH collection “Nordish Cross Stitch ITH” so much.

Many thanks for the warm emails, and thanks for your orders, of course.

The nostalgic charme of the ITH hearts and stars comes from their cross stitches, do you agree?

do you like to embroider them onto other things as well?

This week we have a full lineup of cross stitch designs for you.


They really can be used every where, they are so tiny and cute and fit into the smallest place.

Like this: Take some fabric remnants and create hangers for the christmas tree or labes for your christmas presents.

Or frame them into a wooden embroidery hoop.



I like the cross stitch motifs the most when they are done using 30 cotton thread.

Compare yourself! These tags are done with the 40 poly thread by Mettler:Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-5

The “Advent” script and the motifs in the hoops I did with a cotton thread.

They are looking like they were made by hand.

Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-6Beides hat seinen Charme, findet Ihr nicht auch?

These wooden hoops I think are a good idea to present some embroidery works in a suitable way.

I change them depending from the time of the year and hang them onto the wall.Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-8

In the christmas time a perfect embellishment are bellsStickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-9 Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-10

This pillow cover is for my cherry pit pillow I am using in the evening to heal my aching from computer work neck.Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-2 Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-4Looks like handmade!

The complete selection comes with 16 different embroidery motifs, 5 ot hem are for the 13x18cm hoop, the others for the 10x10cm hoop.

So we offer a reduced collection for the 10x10cm hoop too.

Both collections are available from today in the Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy your weekend, use the time for embroidering!

Liebe Grüße



Nordish Cross Stitch

I like clear colors, checkered and striped fabric and cross stitch. When all comes together: perfect!

For our new embroidery file we combined simple, handmade looking cross stitch with the latest fabrics from the collection “Bergen” by Westfalenstoffe.

The result is the “Nordish Cross Stitch ITH” collection, a set of 7 different wonderful hearts and stars for the christmas tree, christmas decoration or door wrest. They are done completely in the hoop in the machine including great cross stitch motifs.

Aren’t they looking like they were made by hand?


Do you own the 10x10cm hoop? then you should take the mini pack of 3 motifs, 2 hearts and 1 star. Do you have a 13x18cm hoop? Take the series of 4 motifs. Want to have them all? The complete package has 7 different ITH embroidery motifs.

It is up to you …

Do you want to know what makes it so easy? Then lean back and watch our video tutorial we prepared for you:


Have you seen how easy it is?

So we made lots of them …


…embellished them with checkered ribbons.Stickbaer-Nordish-Cross-Stitch-Tati-7

We used a 30 cotton thread for the cross stitch.

Important is that you chose the right embroidery needle. For the thick cotton thread an 80 needle is a good choice.


This the motifs are looking like embroidered by hand with wool yarn.

And you cheated and did them all in your embroidery machine.Stickbaer-Nordish-Cross-Stitch-Tati-3Use them for table decoration, in your christmas tree, …Stickbaer-Nordish-Cross-Stitch-Tati-4 … bind one to each present, hang them onto the cabinat knob, the door opener…Stickbaer-Nordish-Cross-Stitch-Tati-5… stuff them with a mixture of rice, cinnamon and aniseed…Stickbaer-Nordish-Cross-Stitch-Tati-6
… make a new door wrest.Stickbaer-Nordish-Cross-Stitch-Tati-10

I am sure there are hundreds more ideas what to do with our ITH hangers.

From today you can find them in our shop.

Seid alle ganz herzlich gegrüßt



Forrest and Meadow Taggies

Wow, another Taggies, you might think 😉

Yes, we’ve created some more taggies. After the Taschenbaumeleien and the Weihnachtsbaumeleien we now have the “Forrest and Meadow Taggies”.


All in all there are 8 different cute taggies to embroider. All completely done in your embroidery machine and all are done in no time.

Look at the cow taggie and the pig taggie: both want to go on cloud No. 7.


You love cats?Stickbaer-Wald+Wiesenbaumelei-Tati-8

Do you know somebody for the owl and the apple tree?Stickbaer-Wald+Wiesenbaumelei-Tati-7Are you missing a dog?

What about Waldi?

Do it with or without applique…Stickbaer-Wald+Wiesenbaumelei-Tati-9

But where to tag all the taggies?

Tag them everywhere!

Like my handbag.


Look at the small apple to the right!Stickbaer-Wald+Wiesenbaumelei-Tati-2 Stickbaer-Wald+Wiesenbaumelei-Tati-1

My purse (done after the Ebook “Klimperkasse”) I also “enhanced”.


With a fly agaric key ring.Stickbaer-Wald+Wiesenbaumelei-Tati-5

BTW, I found the key rings at Snaply.Stickbaer-Wald+Wiesenbaumelei-Tati-4

Like always I did a detailled instruction for you. It comes together with the embroidery files in the download. But to see how the taggies are done you should watch our video we prepared for the Taschenbaumelei. The same technique applies to the Forrest and Meadow Taggies.


Isn’t the weather made for embroidering?

Enjoy your weekend and have fun with embroidery!

Liebe Grüße