Über Tatjana

Ich heiße Tatjana, bin so jung, wie ich mich fühle, verheiratet mit dem weltbesten Mann und stolze Mama eines Sohnes.
Wir wohnen sehr ländlich in einem winzigen Dorf, mitten im Grünen und ich habe hier in unserem Haus Platz genug für meine dekorativen Anfälle...
und werde Euch hier die Ergebnisse meiner "kreativen Anfälle" zeigen.
Außerdem erfahrt Ihr hier auch, was es Neues in meinem Stickbär-Shop geben wird.
Ich wünsche euch viel Freude beim Lesen.
Eure Tatjana

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Hier sind meine letzten Beiträge

Little Purses

You already know our Roses Bags in a smaller variant as the Rose Bags for the 10x10cm hoop (perfect for tiny things) and for the 13x18cm hoop (with place for cosmetics).

But what if you need to stow a little bit more? Then you should have a look at our Big Roses Bags below.


There really fits a lot in there, especially in the longer ones, they have the size of a clutch. Do them in elegant black, from silk embroidered with silk thread, and your clutch is the star at a night in the opera.

I did my bags in tender pastell colors and will use them for hair clips, combs, cosmetics and knitting needles.


You can close the bags simply with Kam Snaps, but definitely it looks more attractive when you use a selfmade button, like the one I used in the picture below.

The loop I added before the last embroidery step. This is explained in detail in our instruction included in the package.Stickbaer-Grosse-Rosentaschen-Tati-3Both clutches will store a lot. The are appr. 25cm long.
Stickbaer-Grosse-Rosentaschen-Tati-7And here you can see them all together.
Stickbaer-Grosse-Rosentaschen-Tati-9 Stickbaer-Grosse-Rosentaschen-Tati-10

Do you like our new embroidery file?

You can get it from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy your weekend. Looks like the winter will return for some days. Good time for handcrafting.

Alles Liebe




A Summer House: As a Pillow or as a Mugrug?

A new pillow for the garden chair?

A nice mugrug for the kitchen table and the tasty mug coffee in the morning?

What ever you want, with our latest embroidery file you can do it. Pillow or mugrug or both, you can do it both thanks the envelope closing on the backside.


Our pillow in the patchwork style is completely done in the embroidery machine, nothing to sew.

This ensures everything is done perfectly and fast.


Our included detailled instruction describes every step to do.


You don’t like pillows? Do a mugrug instead!

Add some quilt stitches to the mugrug to make it look prettyer.Stickbaer-Sommerhauskissen-Tati-8

Or you do both together. Pillow and mugrug perfectly match each other.

Depending on the chosen size the pillow is longer or higher.

Have a look at the design samples.


We have prepared the file in 5 different hoop sizes, from 13x18cm up to 20x36cm everybody can find his choice. Of course we created some bundles as well.

Come in to our Stickbaer Shop, there you can get the file today.

Enjoy your weekend, and be busy!

Liebe Grüße



Rose bags

Yes, we know what your favourites are, what styles you like. Quite high in the ranking are all kinds of ITH files. And within the ITH’s, you like the bags the most.

On the other hand you love flowers, especially the roses.

So why not to do an ITH file for bags with roses. See what the outcome is:


A big package of beautiful embroidery files, all for the 13x18cm hoop. They are done in a little time only (honestly the bags with flap take a little longer). All bags look pretty and a very useful.

These are the bags with the roses on them:


Here come the bags without embroidery. You can put accents on them with crochet flowers, Yo-Yo’s, quilt stitches, …


I love them all. Look like they are sorted in my shelf:


I closed my bags with Kam-Snaps, this is easy and done fast.


And I put some quilt stitches onto the flap.Stickbaer-Rosentaschen-13x18-Tati-6The bag at the bottom has a Yo-Yo sewed on.Stickbaer-Rosentaschen-13x18-Tati-7

It is a good idea to use a brighter fabric for the flaps when you put the roses on it.Stickbaer-Rosentaschen-13x18-Tati-8 Stickbaer-Rosentaschen-13x18-Tati-9

Why not to use fabrics with rose print?Stickbaer-Rosentaschen-13x18-Tati-10

As an addition to the bags for the 13x18cm hoop we also offer some for the 10x10cm hoop:


They are a perfect company to the bigger sisters and perfectly hide lipstick and creme.


Or flexis:


Look at this arrangement:


Both rose bage files, for the 10x10cm and the 13x18cm hoops you can find in the Stickbaer Shop.

Have a look before going into the weekend.

Seid alle lieb gegrüßt



Here comes our Spring Welcome House

It is amazing to see how exited you are about our Welcome Houses. We are receiving positive feedback, sometimes even with new suggestions.

That’s why we decided to add a Spring House to the Summer House, the Autumn House, the Christmas House and the Winter House.


The Spring House we did of course with bright and cheerful fabric.


There is a blooming fruit tree infront of the house, the tulips are blooming as well.Stickbaer-Spring-Welcome-House-Tati-4

At the housedoor a freshly tied door wrest has a ribon on it.Stickbaer-Spring-Welcome-House-Tati-9

And, who is looking out of the window?Stickbaer-Spring-Welcome-House-Tati-3

The window cross has a hanging heart. Look at all the tiny details.Stickbaer-Spring-Welcome-House-Tati-2

When you already own the other houses you should not miss to add the Spring Welcome House to your collection.

And when you sill do not own one house the Spring House might be a good start.

We offer it in 4 different sizes, starting from 13x18cm up to 20x36cm and in sets as well.

From today, in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy your first spring weekend, with sun and spring flowers.

Liebe Grüße



Happy Bunnies

There are only a few weeks left til Easter.

But, it does not really like like Spring: Today we have more snow then the whole winter, it is gray and cold.

And this is called “meteorological spring start”. Nobody likes this weather. The snowdrop and crocus don’t like to show up at all.

Where is the spring with the first warm sun beams, with blooming spring beds and bunnies babies?

If the last are not outside then I make my own inside the house.

Look, this is our new Easter file:

These bunnies ar eso cute we called them “Happy Bunnies”.

they have nice embellishments, ribbons, bibs. The bib is included in the collection.


Included as well is an Easter egg with bunny applique and drooping ears.

The same egg as mugrug.

The mugrug has the turn openig on the backside, the hanging egg at the side.


Mom and kid.

The peeks are colored with crayon.Stickbaer-Happy-Hasis-ITH-Tati-7 Stickbaer-Happy-Hasis-ITH-Tati-8

And I included a “bunny” heart to hang and one as mugrug.Stickbaer-Happy-Hasis-ITH-Tati-9

you can get your copy of our Happy Bunnies ITH for the 13x18cm and 16x26cm hoops from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Did I mention how fast and easy they are made?!

Enjoy your weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Some more Shabby Roses

I was asked over the last weeks if I could offer the roses used in the Roses-Egg Cosies, the  Roses-Teapot warmers and the Roses-Mugrugs as a separate Roses Collection.

So I am glad that I today can fulfill this wish, even in 2 hoop sizes.

For enhancements of girls dresses, pot and bottle warmers, trivets, … and 100,000 more ideas what you you can doo with roses. Therefore the roses in the 10x10cm variant my fit perfectly.


And, for bigger applications, like table cloth or table sets in vintage style, pillow covers and again 100,000 more things then you can take the “Romance Rose” for the 13x18cm hoop.


I did a little nice make-up bag. this will be a gift to my beloved mom to her birthday. I will put self-made creme and lotion in there.


The backside has a large roses ornament from the 13x18cm collection.

BTW, in the background there is the well-known Teapot warmer and in the foreground you see a Rose-Mugrug. they perfectly match together.


To the zipper I attached a muffin made from glass bead.Stickbaer-Romance-Rose-Tati-4 Stickbaer-Romance-Rose-Tati-5 Stickbaer-Romance-Rose-Tati-6

Some more roses I embroidered onto kitchen towels. A big enhancement, or?Stickbaer-Romance-Rose-Tati-7

Two roses edges take the full width of the towel.


Makes more fun when drying the dishes.Stickbaer-Romance-Rose-Tati-9

The roses I did with 30 thread. So I can wash the towels at 60°C. The matt look makes them look like hand-made.

When using 40 poly thread the roses will shine in your kitchen light.

Check out what you like the most.Stickbaer-Romance-Rose-Tati-10

From today you can find our Romance Rose collection in 2 sizes in our Stickbaer Shop. Each collection comes with 8 different beautiful roses, that perfectly match our other kitchen roses embroidery files.

I wish you all a nice weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Shabby Style Pot Warmer

Do you know this: You have brewed up a pot of tea with a lovely smell in the air. Aaaahhh… Great stuff in this cold time, when it is rainy and windy outside.

But some time later the rest of the tea is lukewarm only and it tastes only half as tasty. What a shame.

How useful is a tea pot warmer, careing for the hot tea and looking great with embroidered roses.


Our pot warmers are not only useful, you can embroider them in a fraction of the time it would take to sew ’em.


And they are done perfectly from the in and the outside. Fully lined and have a warm batting to keep tea and coffee worm.Stickbaer-Teekannenwaermer-Tati-9

They have the roses on them you already know from the Roses Egg Cosies.


This pot warmer is made in the 20x26cm hoop. It fits pots for 4 to 5 cups.Stickbaer-Teekannenwaermer-Tati-7

This one is little bit smaller and was made in the 18x30cm hoop.Stickbaer-Teekannenwaermer-Tati-6

Here you can compare all 4 sizes.

On top we have the smallest warmer for pots with 1 to 2 cups made in the 13x18cm hoop. You can of course put it over your tea mug to keep this warm.

Below it you can see the 16x26cm size pot warmer.

Every size looks different and has different embroidery.


That’s why you also can use them also for decoration, maybe all 4 side by side.Stickbaer-Teekannenwaermer-Tati-3 Stickbaer-Teekannenwaermer-Tati-2

Here we have top size and smallest size together.Stickbaer-Teekannenwaermer-Tati-1

Our latest embroidery file “Tea Cosies” you can get in 4 different sizes from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy your weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Roses on your Breakfast Table

For me the breakfast is the best meal at all. Especially the weekend breakfast

It all starts with that he house is silent in the morning. I am the first in our family the stand up, because I want to enjoy this silence.

At the weekend, I am setting the alarm clock to not miss the silent hour. Only the cats are there, they are quite and talk not too much 😉 Main point for them: their food!

After the cats the order is on me. Prepare a Cappucino, get the newspaper to the table and reading a little to reading much. Then, laying the table for my men. The younger will get up only shortly before noon. Depending on the yesterday evening.

So I am baking rolls, preparing jam, cheese and chocolate cream and boiling eggs. The last are of course from happy hen. At least they are looking happy when they are picking and clucking at our neighbours farmyard and looking for a fresh worm.

These eggs are very tasty. Each gets its hood. To keep them warm til we eat them.


And here we come to our latest embroidery file 😉

It looks like the january is somehow the “month of the kitchen“. Look at our Bears gloves and the Roses gloves.

So this proceeds with the “Roses Egg Cosies”.

And they are really a perfect companion for your breakfast table.


They have rich embroidery. Partly they use 2 fabrics, means they have 2 colors.Stickbaer-Roseneierwaermer-Tati-1

When you like you can add hanging loops and hang your egg warmers to a nice place in your kitchen. So you can enjoy them also during the rest of the week.Stickbaer-Roseneierwaermer-Tati-2

You can Thermolam for the inside. This is keeping your eggs warm for a long time.Stickbaer-Roseneierwaermer-Tati-3

Of course they are perfect from the inside as from the outside. They are fully lined and there are no open or visible seams. Stickbaer-Roseneierwaermer-Tati-5And:

You only need the 10×10 hoop!!!Stickbaer-Roseneierwaermer-Tati-6Stickbaer-Roseneierwaermer-Tati-7

This is the whole team: You can do 6 egg warmers with our latest embroidery file. And this is done in no time so you want to do more egg warmers then you have people in your family.

No problem. These egg warmers are a perfect gift. Give joy to your friends.Stickbaer-Roseneierwaermer-Tati-9

So from today we have the Rose Egg Cosies in our Stickbaer Shop.


Including the detailled embroidery instruction for trouble free embroidery.

Enjoy the weekend, it is smelling like spring.

Liebe Grüße



Cooking with your Heart

Cooking with your Heart does not only mean to put all your love into a dish. Also all the utensils and accessories should look great and beautiful.

Like these oven gloves:


They are embroidered different roses and buttons on them.


And of course they not only look great, they are very useful.

Instead of a thick batting you can use a heat resistant material like Thermolam. then you can use your new oven gloves in your daily kitchen work.


With our embroidery collection you can embroider 4 different oven gloves:

2 different gloves, one for each hand and …


…2 different heart gloves to slide in.



You can chose from 2 hoop sizes.

Size 1 is for the 16x26cm hoop. This size is for teenager and small to medium women’s hands.

Here you can compare size 1 and 2.


Size 2 is for common sized hands up to big hands (it even fits the Stickbaer’s hands).

To embroider size 2 you need a 18x30cm hoop.

My personal glove size is 6 so the above size 1 for the 16x26cm hoop is perfect for me.

Of course you can get both sizes in a package. From today, in our Stickbaer Shop.

For sure our Rose Oven Gloves are perfect from the inside as from the outside. They are fully lined and no seams are visible.

The wonderful fabrics I took from the “Hello Darling” collection of Moda that you can get here at Stoffekontor. Thank you, Stoffekontor for the great fabrics!!!

Enjoy your winter weekend und seid lieb gegrüßt



Having Fun when Cooking

It has been a while since my last post: Holidays, vacation, …

Did you miss me already?

So I am back now and starting with the latest news from the Stickbaer:

2 weeks ago added a new variant for our famous Ice Scraper Glove. You can get it now also for the 16x26cm hoop.


Last week we added another little House to our Welcome Houses series.


And this week, we have an offer for all the kids, or those who still feel kids.


Aren’t they cute? So cooking becomes pure fun. And especially when the kids have their own gloves in size S that mom can’t use.


For the size S the 13x18cm hoop is enough.


For the elder kids, say 8 to 10, we have the size M for the 16x26cm hoop. They even fit my slim hands 😉

Means, also women with smaller hands can use the size M.


For you with the “normal” hands the Big size is OK:


They are to big for me, but perfect for my husband, the Stickbaer.


The pic below shows the difference:

On the left the M size glove for the 16x26cm hoop, on the right the L size for the 18x30cm hoop.Stickbaer-Baerige-Ofenhandschuhe-Tati-3

The Bear Oven Gloves are lined with Thermolan, so you cannot only use them as deco but really make use of them.Stickbaer-Baerige-Ofenhandschuhe-Tati-6

When you only want to use them for deco put a 0.5cm batting in them.Stickbaer-Baerige-Ofenhandschuhe-Tati-7

The ears are plastic, they are done separately and embroidered on.

This is not a big deal, all steps are explained in our detailled embroidery instruction.IMG_1463Stickbaer-Baerige-Ofenhandschuhe-Tati-8

For sure the oven gloves are done perfectly from the inside as well as from the outside.

They are fully lined and have no visible seams.

The embroidery takes not too much time. It should take you no longer then 30 minutes.

Our Bears Oven Gloves you can get from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Have fun and enjoy the weekend.

Liebe Grüße