Über Tatjana

Ich heiße Tatjana, bin so jung, wie ich mich fühle, verheiratet mit dem weltbesten Mann und stolze Mama eines Sohnes.
Wir wohnen sehr ländlich in einem winzigen Dorf, mitten im Grünen und ich habe hier in unserem Haus Platz genug für meine dekorativen Anfälle...
und werde Euch hier die Ergebnisse meiner "kreativen Anfälle" zeigen.
Außerdem erfahrt Ihr hier auch, was es Neues in meinem Stickbär-Shop geben wird.
Ich wünsche euch viel Freude beim Lesen.
Eure Tatjana

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Hier sind meine letzten Beiträge

Wonderful Autumn

Here I’m back again. Shame on me, I enjoyed this great summer so much and did not waste any thought on staying at the desk or computer.

And the last 3 weeks were the top of this summer: 3 weeks holiday, 3 weeks doing nothing serious, 3 weeks enjoying life. As the other years we spent a week at the Baltic Sea (although the travel here is quite long). The fresh air, the sea, the beach are gorgeous. Only walking and biking. Have you ever been cycling near the cliff line of isle Rügen?


The 2 other weeks we spent at home. We have the Bavarian Forest, the river Altmühl and Upper Bavaria right infront of the house. So we spent a lot of time with the best weather on motobike. And on our garden terace, being lazy, or doing BBQ, had some glasses of Rosé. What a holiday.

And now we are back and I promise to be more regularly on the Blog.

Let’s start with a new Autumn decoration. I started to prepare the house for autumn last week. Now it is the time for all the pumpkins, felt leaves and scarecrows.

And it happen to me that I was missing something special in my autumn box, so on sunday I started to sew the two leaves and the pumpkin.


Of course I was embroidering too, this new file:


This is a silhouettes file collection. But it is not a flat motive like you probably see a lot these days. They come with a lot of details, tone in tone. Very alive.

Can you see this at the mushrooms?stickbaer-scherenschnitte-herbst-tati-2

The felt base I wrapped around a jar, added a bell and a felt oak leave.

This gave me in a little time and with low effort a nice candle glass.stickbaer-scherenschnitte-herbst-tati-3

Here are some mugrugs and another candle cover.
stickbaer-scherenschnitte-herbst-tati-5Simply place a pillar candle into it.
stickbaer-scherenschnitte-herbst-tati-6 stickbaer-scherenschnitte-herbst-tati-7

On the backside you close the felt ring with a bow. So you can use it later for other size glasses too.stickbaer-scherenschnitte-herbst-tati-8 stickbaer-scherenschnitte-herbst-tati-9

All embroidery motifs I used for my new autumn deco you can find in our latest embroidery file “Autumn in Silhouettes”:


In no time you embroider all 12 motifs. No color change! But absolutely, try a multi color or glitter thread, especially for the maple leaf and the apple, this is looking magic.

From today on you can get the file in our Stickbaer Shop.

And now, enjoy the weekend, with a lot of late summer, early autumn sun!

Liebe Grüße




Handlook Flowers

By nature I am not a patient girl. Long running projects? Not with me! While doing a long running project there are so many new ideas coming to my mind that I cannot stop. A sad example is my Tiny Town Quilt project.

Maybe this changes when I am 70 or 80 or even 90? Maybe!

The good thing with this impatience is that I am always looking for new techniques. For example techniques to let the machine embroidery work look like it were made by hand. Let the machine do the work in short time, and my head is free again for new stuff.

This way I created the Handlook Flowers. They are a bit of a Baltimore quilt, a bit folk style embroidery. Anyhow, they look like they are made by hand with a thick wool thread. Here comes my new technique:NL-Handlock-Flowers

One of the large 18x18cm motifs in Baltimore style I put onto a pillow top.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-1

The 10×10 flower I did 3 times on a small bag.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-2

Together the are a nice couple.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-3

The green fabric of the pillow I added as a surrounding edge.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-4

Added some quilting to enhance the nostalgic look.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-5

First I did the pillow. I wanted to add a checker border.

However, the checker fabric now is the bottom of the bag.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-6

The backside of the bag has a quilted heart.

Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-7Again some quilting, I love this.
Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-8 Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-9

You get the best look when using cotton thread.

Or you use sewing silk or cotton sewing yarn. I took the Silk Finish of Mettler and Cotton of Sulky.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-10Just a hint:

I know many of you only clamp the stabilizer to save fabric and glue the fabric on.

This will not work here.

Always, for this kind of job, clamp the fabric together with the stabilizer to the hoop. The long running stitches are pulling the fabric a lot, so stabilizing is a key! Best it works with glue-on or iron-on stabilizer.


Do you like our new file?

It is waiting for you in our Stickbaer shop.

You can chose from:

  • a small collection for the 10x10cm hoop with 8 motifs
  • a collection with the above 8 motifs plus 5 files for the 13x18cm hoop
  • a bonus collection with the above 13 motifs and in addition 4 big Baltimore flowers for the 18x30cm hoop

Have a great weekend!

Liebe Grüße



Crochet Bags

Do you have a favourite hand crafting for the different times in the year?

I am crocheting and knitting only when it is warm, means in summer. Sounds strange? I simply need the bright sunlight and love it to do the work outside on the terace.

In winter I do not feel like doing knitting or crocheting. So when there are unfinished projects in autumn, they stay til next summer.

Thus sayed, here is my next embroidery file, in July.

The 5 different in size bags will be crocheted after embroidery with a small edge. The bag is completely done in the embroidery machine including the crochet support seam. The only thing left to do is to take the crochet needle and do a crochet edge according to our instruction.

And this is done in a little time only, so this project will be finished til autumn.NL-Crochet-Bags

We have a file for each hoop size, starting at 10x10cm up to the 20x30cm hoop.Stickbaer-Crochetbags-Tati-1

The bigger bags can be used for cosmetics.Stickbaer-Crochetbags-Tati-3

The one for the 13x18cm hoop is perfect to hide the lipstick, powder box and co. The 10x10cm size still keeps a lipstick or the bus ticket.Stickbaer-Crochetbags-Tati-4And all they are so cute. Stickbaer-Crochetbags-Tati-5

Each of the embroidery motifs differ a little bit.Stickbaer-Crochetbags-Tati-6

You can get each size separately or opt for a discount package.Stickbaer-Crochetbags-Tati-8

And since we have perfect crocheting weather (sun, bright, warm) this is the perfect July file 🙂

Get your choice today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy your weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Shabby HOME and Shabby LOVE

The last and this week we are dealing with letters, pillow covers and the shabby style.

Last week we showed to you the “Shabby HOME” files, you can get them already in our shop.


It is so easy: Embroider the 4 letters onto a piece of fabric and sew a pillow cover with this fabric. Already now you get an outstanding pillow.


What I added is a crocheted edge.Stickbaer-Shabby-Home-Tati2

Look at the many details, the heart at the H, the birdcage in the O…Stickbaer-Shabby-Home-Tati3

There is a little bird next tot the M…Stickbaer-Shabby-Home-Tati4 … and you find flowers on the E.Stickbaer-Shabby-Home-Tati5

As a supplement to the “Shabby-HOME” collection (that is available for the 4×4″ and the 5×7″ hoop) we are adding this week love, our “Shabby-LOVE” file:NL-Shabby-LoveStickbaer-Shabby-Love-Tati-2

I embroidered the letters from the 13x18cm file inline onto a plain fabric and added a piping around the pillow.Stickbaer-Shabby-Love-Tati-3

Also the love file has many details, like the little house, the rose tendrils on every letter and the birdie.Stickbaer-Shabby-Love-Tati-4Stickbaer-Shabby-Love-Tati-5

I replaced the “O” with a heart and the within the heart there is the script “Love” as well.

So much love around.

Both pillows give a perfect match, go and do them both!


Our latest embroidery file “Shabby LOVE” you can get in our Stickbaer Shop from today.

The weather outlok is not the best here for the weekend. So why not to use the time for embroidery work?

Enjoy your weekend, whatever your plans are.

Liebe Grüße



Quilting fabric in the Embroidery Machine

The idea for this new embroidery file I got from one of my longtime testers, Cornelia of Zwergenwelt.

Cornelia desired a quilted fabric, to be more clear, an embroidery file to create own fabric with different patterns in different sizes. It sounded an interesting idea and today I am sharing with you the result of my work.

The embroidery machine is doing the quilting work: With the file “Quilted Fabrics” you can quilt squares, rectangles, circles, ovals and hexagons in perfect patterns.

Go and clamp your batting and create your own quilt fabric.

And to make it not easy for you you can chose from 4 different sizes.

The quilted fabrics you create can be used for a lot of things.

I did 2 cosmetic bags from it.

When you like them, here is the instruction:


First the half-round bag:

First embroider the file with the circle. I used soft stabilizer. This stays with the fabric.

Atop the stabilizer I put a 5mm batting and on top of this comes the rose fabric. Alltogether is clamped to the hoop and the embroidery machine does it’s work.

After embroidering the circle is cut out with 5mm seam allowance.


Take the divisible zipper and divide it. It has to be 12cm longer then the circle circumfence.

Put it to the edge, teeth down to the inside. Quilt it with the zipper foot.IMG_2544Looks like this:

Cut a circle from lining in the same size as your quilted circle.IMG_2547

Place the lining right to right on the circle with the zipper, to loose ends of the zipper to the inside.

Fixate it with pins or wonderclips.IMG_2548

Sew from the backside (the quilted one) directly onto the previousely sewed seam.

Leave a 6cm turn opening.IMG_2549

Turn your project and get the zipper ends. Close the opening.

Now the challenge is to join the zipper.IMG_2550This is how it looks now.

The zipper is now looking to the lining side.IMG_2551

To bind the loose zipper end cut out a 3x8cm piece of fabric and iron the edges.


Fold the fabric right to right and sew the open left and right sides. Turn, iron and move it to the zipper end.

Secure all with a seam.IMG_2553Does you project look like the pic below?IMG_2554

Now put over the bag (the zipper moves inside), and you are done.IMG_2556

Do a little embellishment on the zipper.

The other bag I did from 2 quilted rectangles. I used the 20x30cm file, but the 13x18cm file and the other sizes will work as well.


First do the rectangles. With the rectangle as template cut 2 pieces lining.

The zipper has to be 10cm longer then the longer side of the rectangle.IMG_2558

Divide the zipper, put it with teeth down onto the quilted fabric.

On top comes now the lining.IMG_2559

Sew all 3 pieces together, try to be as close as possible at the teeth.

Open, and iron

Place the zipper…
IMG_2563 … and close it for 1/3.IMG_2564

Now again open your pieces and put it together, that the quilted fabrics and the linings are one above the other.

Fixate all.IMG_2565

Do one seam around, leave an 8cm opening.IMG_2566

Pull the bag, do not yet turn.

All 4 corners will be quilted. Do a line in 2cm from the corner and quilt the corner.IMG_2567

Cut the remainder.

Do this with the upper fabric and the lining corners.IMG_2568

Now it is time for turning.

Close the turning, do some embellishment work.

And here we have 2 perfectly quilted bags. Great!Stickbaer-Quilted-Fabric-Tati-12

Of course you can do some embroidery with one of our embroidery motifs.Stickbaer-Quilted-Fabric-Tati-6This is our “Rose et Lavande”.Stickbaer-Quilted-Fabric-Tati-7 Stickbaer-Quilted-Fabric-Tati-10

Let me know about your projects.

Thanks again, Cornelia for this idea.

You can get the new file today in our Stickbaer Shop.Stickbaer-Quilted-Fabric-Tati-11Have a great weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Roses and Lavender ITH

Since you loved our Lavender and Roses files “Rose et Lavande” and “Lavendelsäckchen” so much here is a last one with these romantic motifs.


We love in-the -hoop, it is so easy to create perfect results.

And as we love crocheting as we love embroidery and ITH we now joined both crafting methods.

Not sure you remember our Häkeltaschen that already has a crocheting edge embroidered on to attach the crochet edge.

Now we have mugrugs, hearts and little pillows that you can crochet on.


During the embroidery an additional seam is embroidered. To this you can later attach your crocheted border.Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-ITH-Tati-8

This you create overwhelming pillows and mugrugs.Rose-et-Lavande-ITH-Tati-5

I filled the hearts with lavender. They are so romantic. I hang them into the wardrobe.Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-ITH-Tati-1

The square pillows could be used as pillow for dolls, pin cushion or filled with lavender too.

Or leave them without filling and you get a coaster.
Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-ITH-Tati-5The mugrugs can be stuffed with polyfill. This makes little oval of them.

As mugrugs they are the center point of your comfortable tea time. Or coffee time.


The crochet around is done easy. Nevertheless I added a detailed embroidery and crocheting instruction, explaining each step.

Our embroidery file “Rose et Lavande ITH” matches the 13x18cm hoop. You can get it from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Have fun with embroidery and crocheting. You can do this while watching a match of your favourite football team at the European Championship.

Ein schönes Wochenende und liebe Grüße



Lavender Bags

http://www.stickbaer.de/en/New/Lavender-Bags.htmlAs you can see I am still envolved in the “Provence” story. It was really great. And now, lavander is in full bloom.

How much I would love to return there to South France.

And because my feeling is such, but I have to stay in rainy Bavaria, I created suitable embroidery files 😉NL-Lavendelsaeckchen-ITH

Our Lavender bag is completely done in your embroidery machine. The only thing left is to close the small turn opening. But even this can be left undone because this opening is hidden inside the bag. And when filled with lavender seed it is hidden at all.

I am closing such openings with textile glue. Usually this looks better then a handmade seam.


There are 5 different bags in the collection, no seams are visible.Stickbaer-Lavendelsaeckchen-Tati-3

I have cutted old white linen into pieces.

This fabric perfectly matches the embroidery motifs and the colors and the shades especially of the roses.Stickbaer-Lavendelsaeckchen-Tati-4

Fell free to fill the bags with other stuff then Lavender.

Maybe a (selfmade) piece of soap? This is a nice gift!Stickbaer-Lavendelsaeckchen-Tati-5

Or you fill in a roses potpourri …Stickbaer-Lavendelsaeckchen-Tati-6Or another little gift?

I filled Lavender to all my bags and distributed them all over our house. When passing by I cuddle them and the air fills with lavender scent.

The smell of holidays …Stickbaer-Lavendelsaeckchen-Tati-8

You can get our latest embroidery file from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy it, and enjoy the weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Rose et Lavande

I am sure you have read my trip report last week. I rhapsodized about our trip to Provence.

And as you might think these days in Southern France inspired me a lot.

So why not to create a Lavender embroider file?!

And because the lavender is not yet in bloom, but the roses are in full bloom already in may I put together lavender and roses.

Et voila:


I placed my motifs onto linen. The white cotton looks fresh and rustic and is a perfect base for the lavender and rose motifs.

The pillow covers and blankets I found in a second hand shop.


The nice lavender bouqet I got from our host in Provence, Barbara, from her garden.

Looks nice?Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-T5

The edge of the lavender bag is the edge of a toss pillow.Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-Tati-2

Of course the bags are smelling after lavender. Not from this year, the harvest starts within the next weeks. But I kept my last years crop is still fresh and smelling like Provence.Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-Tati-10

Do you like the new embroidery otifs?Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-Tati-7

From today you can get them in our Stickbaer Shop.

And, another good news, they are for the 10×10 hoop. so you can use them in a smaller machine as well.

Enjoy the new file and enjoy your weekend!

Liebe Grüße




Were you asking where I have been for the last time? Why it became a little bit quite the last days here?

OK, here I am, back from French Provence, where we spent wonderful holidays. It was the first time we traveled without the kid and the first time we had the bikes with us. Our son was with his grandparents on another great trip.

Read my short summary below in German, or give an online translator a try!


Schon die Anreise war mehr als abenteuerlich. Zuerst musste aber in aller Herrgottsfrühe das Eis von der Autoscheibe gekratzt werden. Mitte Mai!!!


Die Motorräder reisten auf dem Hänger mit, 1100 km sind einfach zu weit für eine Anreise mit dem Bike. Und wo sollten wir auf dem Motorrad die tollen französischen Einkäufe verstauen?


Und so fuhren wir also mit unserem langen Gefährt erst ca. 900 km auf der Autobahn, was wirklich langweilig war. Mit Hänger geht´s ja auch nicht so schnell…

Ab Grenoble ging es dann mitten durch die französischen Alpen, bergauf und bergab.


Nach 14 Stunden Fahrt kamen wir an in St. Laurent du Verdun in unserem La Colombière, was übersetzt Taubenschlag bedeutet.


Die Moppeds wurden gut untergestellt und wir fielen todmüde ins Bett…


…um am nächsten Morgen vom Mistral und einem leckeren Café au Lait geweckt zu werden.

Hier kann der Tag doch absolut göttlich beginnen, oder? An diesem großen Tisch konnten wir frühstücken, selbst gebackenes Brioche, frisches Brot, auch selbstgebacken, Lavendelhonig von eigenen Bienen, erwähnter Milchcafé und frischgemachter Joghurt.

Unsere Gastgeber Barbara und Tom haben wirklich an alles gedacht, um den Tag super beginnen zu lassen.


Da der Mistral heftig wehte, entschieden wir uns nach dem Frühstück für einen Spaziergang, um die unmittelbare Umgebung zu erkunden.

Für die Lavendelblüte war es leider zu früh…


…aber habt Ihr schon mal am Ginster in Südfrankreich geschnuppert? Kein Vergleich mit dem hiesigen, er duftet einfach umwerfend gut. Unsere Wanderung führte uns an einen kleinen See ganz in der Nähe, durch diese duftenden Ginsterbüsche und blühende Wiesen.


Da am Nachmittag der Mistral immer noch sehr heftig blies, war leider an Motorradfahren nach wie vor nicht zu denken und so fuhren wir mit dem Auto zum Lac de St.-Croix

Habt Ihr schon einmal solch ein blaues Wasser gesehen? Der Stausee wird vom Fluss Verdun gespeist, wir befinden uns hier nämlich mitten im Verdun, einer wunderbaren Gegend mit zerklüfteten Felsen, tiefen (und wenn ich tief sage, meine ich wirklich TIEF!) Schluchten, türkisfarbenem Wasser und Lavendelfeldern auf den Hochebenen, soweit das Auge reicht.


Tags drauf war der Wind etwas weniger heftig und wir konnten endlich mit den Motorrädern fahren. Hier lernte nun ich gleich meine allerersten richtigen Pässe und Spitzkehren kennen. Es war sozusagen der Wurf ins kalte Wasser, denn ruhig angehen konnten wir es nicht, wir waren mitten in den Bergen.

Aber alles ist schließlich eine Frage der Geschwindigkeit und so war unsere erste Bergtour ein voller Erfolg.


Die folgenden Tage fuhren wir in den Süden, ans Meer, so zum Beispiel Richtung St. Tropez. 3 km Stau bereits vor der Stadt ließen uns jedoch gleich abbiegen nach Ramatuelle und Gassin und hier, in Gassin, hoch oben über dem Meer aßen wir in dem kleinen Restaurant, in dem wir das letzte Mal vor 15 Jahren waren.

Leider ohne den obligatorischen Rosé, schließlich waren wir ja per Bike unterwegs, da braucht´s einen klaren Kopf…


Unglaubliche Ausblicke gab es bei Cassis.


Aber das Beste war die letzte Fahrt am letzten Tag. Sozusagen als Krönung fuhren wir in den Grand Canion du Verdun. Was für Schluchten, was für Straßen, was für Berge!!!

Zuvor war aber erst einmal Markttag in Riez.

Mit einer unglaublichen Auswahl der leckersten Dinge…


Natürlich musste eine dieser hübschen Markttaschen mit…


Ich habe sie auch gleich eingeweiht, sie war sehr schnell gut gefüllt 🙂


Die wunderbare Rose “Ella” wollten wir unbedingt haben. Sie steht jetzt auf unserer Terrasse und erinnert uns an den tollen Markttag in Riez.


Geschirr haben wir uns auch gekauft, aber nicht an diesem Stand.


Frisches Gemüse…blog-markt-7

Not macht erfinderisch und da der Platz im Auto mit all den Motorrad-Klamotten, dem Koffer und anderen Dingen doch langsam eng wurde, haben wir alle Mitbringsel kurzerhand in die Motorradkoffer gepackt 🙂


So konnten wir sie daheim dann gleich auf dem Küchentisch auspacken…blog-markt-9

Aber zuvor haben wir unsere letzte große Ausfahrt mit den Bikes gehabt. In den Grand Canion du Verdun, wie vorhin bereits kurz erwähnt.

Es war einfach grandios!

Über dieses Viaduct sind wir gefahren, ganz alleine, keine Menschenseele war außer uns unterwegs.


Da konnten wir (besser gesagt mein lieber Mann) dann auch mal rumalbern…


Ich hatte erstmal nur Durst…Blog-tati-canion2

Es ist einfach nur unglaublich schön hier.


Aber leider ging auch dieser herrliche Tag irgendwann unweigerlich zu Ende.

Den letzten Abend haben wir dann zunächst hier ausklingen lassen, im Innenhof vom Colombière.


Und später einen allerletzten Spaziergang ins Dorf unternommen…


…bevor wir uns zu Tom und Barbara an den reich gedeckten Tisch gesetzt haben und ein vorzügliches (auch leider allerletztes) Menü mit Rosé, eingelegten Auberginen, Gratin Dauphine, Käse  und einem Rhabarberkuchen mit frischen Erdbeeren genossen haben.

Was für ein wundervoller Urlaub. So gerne wären wir noch dort, aber zum Glück läuft uns die Provence nicht davon und wir fahren wieder hin.

Wir genießen jetzt daheim unsere vielen tollen Urlaubserinnerungen, die schönen Mitbringsel, wie die 5 Liter Olivenöl, Käse, Schinken, Stoffe, Lavendelsträuße, die mir Barbara aus ihrem Garten geschenkt hat und all die anderen tollen Dinge, die uns Südfrankreich noch ein wenig ins Haus holen.

A bientot

Eure Tatjana



Pineapple Quilts

Sure you’ve already read one or the other post about my own Pineapple Quilt blocks, like this one:  here.

I love quilt blocks, and so I thought it should be possible to do them also in the embroidery machine. Yes, it is, and it looks this:


I sewed (embroidered) 4 identical blocks and joined them with the Quilt-As-You-Go method (QAYG). When you don’t know this method, there are a lot of video tutorials at Youtube.

And all of you who own my Little Village Quilt BOM and together with the last block got the sewing instruction, you have a detailled picture instruction about the QAYG by me.

This is how it looks when the blocks are put together.


This is a really complete embroidery file. We have a base block in 4 hoop sizes, 5 different quilt motives that look great on the also on other patchwork blocks, and 5 quilted Pineapple blocks.

For each size, 11 files. And as usual we created some bundles for you.


This pot holder from the 16x26cm file has the right size.


This is a doily from the 18×30 file:


For the pin cushion the 13x18cm file is OK:



This blanket from 4 blocks was done from the 20x30cm file.


The beautiful fabrics are taken from the Mode collection “Windermere” and are available here in Stoffekontor.Stickbaer-Pineapplequilt-Tati-10

This is a really manifold embroidery file. You can sew whole quilts from the 6 ready blocks and the 5 quilt motives. Or you realize smaller projects that will not take too much time.

And you can mix the file with our other quilt files, like Quilt Dreams or Quilt Dreams 2.Stickbaer-Pineapplequilt-Tati-11

Do you like our latest Patchwork embroidery file?

You can get it from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Maybe you use the Pentecost weeked for a new project?

Enjoy your weekend!