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Do you like guessing games?

Next Friday there will be 2 new series at once in our Stickbaer shop.

You will love them, that’s what I know from you already 😉 They will be for easter, very colorful and funny.

Can you guess it??? Ok, here is the riddle:


Please leave a comment til tomorrow, Wednesday, noon with the right answer to my question:

“What new item will be in the Stickbaer shop on Friday for Easter?”

I will draw by lot the winner who will receive one of the 2 series for free.

So please also leave the hoop size you prefer. But for this you can wait when I have released the 2 series.

So the drawing will be tomorrow noon. I am keen to see who is guessing right.

Happy Tuesday Snow Greetings.


Handmade with roses

… that’s the name of our new embroidery motif.

This is a number of delicate motifs made in cross stitch technique. Some labels are added as well. You can do them in one step in one colour. So you can for example decorate the backs of your embroidered works or sew it into the inside pocket of handbags.

Handmade with roses-kl

The larger rose and the rosebud are each twice.

The first version there are really great crosses, that is a very special style and looks then like this.

The stitches are each running 3-fold and with 30s cotton yarn which then looks really nostalgic.


The slightly smaller roses fit into the 10×10 frame and are also embroidered with cotton thread, the crosses are smaller and look like tapestry.

From the tiny rose, which is also the slightly larger cross stitch, I’ve compiled a long braid and decorated a pillow.


This I will give to my mom as birthday present.


The charming Rose fabrics are from the collection “Rosies Love Letters”, which you can here in Stoffekontor.

The small lavender pillow that I have shown you on Wednesday, is presented in this box.


Of course, self made.


The whole birthday is under the theme “Rose”, that’s why also the greeting card is decorated with such:


I give rather than to get gifts, I can hardly wait for what the recipient says.

And that’s why I’m looking forward to the weekend already.

I wish you all also 2 great days off.

Love Fridays Greetings

Liebe Freitagsgrüße


Roses, continued

As promised, I show you another little rosy. As promised, I show you what a little rosy. I have actually created these images for myself, because I very much like cross-stitch designs and roses.

Since I know that many of you also very much love such romantic things, I made a complete collection of it.

This little lavender pillows e.g. gets my mom for her birthday on Sunday.

She often has trouble sleeping, and I hope the delicate scent of lavender is of some help.

At our bed is always a lavender pillow, before going to sleep I knead it a bit and sniff the sweet smell of summer.



This one again is for m mom. What it is actually I will show you tomorrow.


Til then




Roses are red …

… or pink, yellow, white, purple.

There are so many marvelous rose colours. I cannot wait til rose blooming season in my garden. I hardly know a more beautiful, fragrant and delicate romantic looking flower.

Because it will last a while til June, when our roses are blooming, I embroidered some nice rose flowers.

Of course, with my favorite stitch, the cross stitch.

On the coarse linen fabric, the thicker cotton yarn is very glamorous.


Combined with a soft cotton, it looks fresh. The blanket stitch is out of my BERNINA 780, my favorite stitch.

I like to pair it with the stamp designs very much.


This small wall hanging quilt I gave to my friend Susanne on her birthday.

The fabric rose at the bottom right is modeled from a Tilda book and decorated with crochet leaves and entwine.


Because the pin cushion from  this post is really too good for needles I made second one.

But, will I really poke needles into?

BTW, this rose is made with 40 polyester yarn, I wanted to try how it looks like. I think it is looking good as with cotton yarn. With the thinner 40s the motif looks so shiny.


Again, I crocheted the border.nadelkissen2-vorn2

I like the small “homemade” stamp. I wanted to use it for my self-made cards. But it looks even better on the linen.


Crocheting the border is easy, so I don’t translate this 😉

Zuerst umstecht Ihr das ganze Nadelkissen mit einem Kammstich.

Dann umhäkelt Ihr es mit festen Maschen, in jeden Kammstich kommen 2 Maschen.

Nun kommen Stäbchen, immer 6 Stück in eine Masche, eine feste Masche überspringen, das letzte Stäbchen in der übernächsten festen Masche mit Kettstichoder einer festen Masche  befestigen.

Eine Masche überspringen, wieder 6 Stäbchen in die übernächste feste Masche usw. In den 4 Ecken habe ich jeweils 9 statt 6 Stäbchen in die feste Masche gehäkelt.


Do you like cross stitch roses?

There will be more on Friday. I created a whole collection of cross stitch and other romantic motifs for you.

On wednesday I will give you another sneak peek.

Til then, enjoy tthe Monday.