A Quilted Pillow in your Embroidery Machine

Patchworking and Quilting are two techniques I’m passionate about it. I am searching for matching fabrics, cut them and sew it all together. Usually this results in a quilt, a table runner or a table cloth.

Or a pillow. Sometimes even 2 pillows.


When I started to love patchworking 14 years ago I had no idea about this technique. So I collected tons of colorful fabrics, many with large motifs. From these I created pillows and table cloth. But they did not look as expected, no WOW! I was missing help such as hints about cutting and assembling, advice how to do quilting.

There was not to much to read about quilting on the German market, the internet coverage about this was poor, no Pinterest.

In this time I would have appreciated a quilt embroidery file, that makes easy to me. That assists in preparing all fabric parts. I only had to put together them.

Now I have learned quilting and patchworking. But I know there are always beginners to this hobby amongst you.

For you especially I created our latest collection:

See this as a “Allround Worry-Free Package” for a wonderful patchwork pillow that gets in addition an elaborate quilting.

And all of this is done by your embroidery machine. For you only the last steps remains open: to sew all precise, quilted parts together.

And to not leave you alone a detailled instruction explains all required steps.


Isn’t it nice? The ready made pillow is 40x40cm …


… and got loveful quilting. Stickbaer-Quiltpillow-Tati-9

And this you can embroider in your 13x18cm hoop.Stickbaer-Quiltpillow-Tati-10

This is a uni-colored variant. Look at the quilt motifs.Stickbaer-Quiltpillow-Tati-2

The volume batting makes the quilt motif look plastic.Stickbaer-Quiltpillow-Tati-3

The only other color is the white in the braid.Stickbaer-Quiltpillow-Tati-4 Stickbaer-Quiltpillow-Tati-5

And there is even more.

Beside the ITH files for the patchworking pieces I added 3 quilt motifs that you can use to embellish other quilts or pillows or table cloth or more.

And, because all pieces have the same length you can assemble them to even larger projects. Needs some more patience, but it is worth to do.

And since it is really hot outside the only alternative is to stay in the sewing room …

The latest embroidery motifs for the “Quilt Pillow” you can get from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

With bet wishes for a bright weekend



Von .


  1. Hallo Tatjana,
    folgende Frage, bzw. ich verstehe es halt nicht ganz, bei den Stickdateien sind einige mit einem gesticketen Rahmen rundherum, andere ohne. Wann verwende ich die bzw. die andere Datei od. was ist der Gedanke dabei?
    Vielen Dank und Grüsse, Monika

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