How is our Provence trip related to the latest embroidery file?

Please find below a short summary of our recent trip to Provence in Southern France. Apart from the great impressions we got there the trip also inspired some new embroidery files to come. Even when the report is in German you can have a look at the pictures we took to understand what made us happy … [Continue reading]

Der Stickbär has 10th Birthday

Already some time I did machine embroidery and created my own designs and digitized them. So my family and I decided to make a profession our of the hobby. The name Stickbaer, what means embroidery bear, came from my husband, who is my bear. And since we, as a family are doing all things together … [Continue reading]

Training on Embroidery Software

Last Weekend the first training on BERNINA embroidery software took place. A long time I was searching for the perfect place, that's why the courses … [Continue reading]

Christmas Freebie No. 3

Today I would like to thank you for the many lovingly written words to our last two Christmas freebies. It's really nice to see that we can give joy … [Continue reading]

The 2nd Stickbaer Christmas Freebie

Isn't Christmas time the time of the angels? In our house we have them everywhere: The angel orchestra, made from fabric, as applique or … [Continue reading]

A 1st Christmas Freebie

Like every year in the time before Christmas we have prepared some surprises for you. We want to thank you for the year you spent with us, and of … [Continue reading]

Cross stitch – Like handmade

Oh, I love cross stitch. They remember me of the past, the real past, when I was not yet born. They are so nostalgic. Sometimes I even do cross … [Continue reading]

Vintage Cross Stitch Bags ITH

Christmas not only is a traditional event for many people but also an event where we give presents to our beloved. We wrap the gifts in colorful paper … [Continue reading]

This Years Christmas Stocking

It already became a tradition that we in the time before christmas present a new Christmas Stocking  that you can embroider in your embroidery … [Continue reading]

Shoe fun

I like shoes. Although my taste is different from my mates, nevertheless I like shoes! I like most high quality shoes with soft leather that last … [Continue reading]