Embroidered purse made of leather

Spring in the garden is actually slowly coming. I see it in the more and more crocuses and snowdrops and increasingly becoming visible water in our garden pond because of melting ice.

In the morning the birds are chirping and the air smells just like spring. Do you know that? The thick jacket has to go in the closet, bright clothes are unpacked (or sewn) and the bright bags come out.

I love my dark purse from last year although I find it’s just a more for the winter. There should be something more colorful and bright, right?


For sure you know this pattern as Klimperkasse, my favourite Ebook.

This purse pattern is created by Antonie from and in the Fliegenpilzwerkstatt.


The really nice embroidery motifs I purchased at Husqvarna many years ago. You see, sometimes me as well is buying embroidery motifs.


The fragmenttion of the „Klimperkasse“ purse I find thought-so awesome.

The compartments are perfectly matching my needs.

I wish you all a bright and sunny day such as we have here today.

Lovely Wednesday greetings.




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