Der Stickbär has 10th Birthday

Already some time I did machine embroidery and created my own designs and digitized them. So my family and I decided to make a profession our of the hobby. The name Stickbaer, what means embroidery bear, came from my husband, who is my bear.

And since we, as a family are doing all things together we decided to run a family business in a little shop.

I am doing the creative part. I am creating the embroidery files by myself, most of the underlying sketches are done by me. All motifs will be embroidered. All photographs are shot by me.

The other, administrative part is done by my husband: the platform, functionality, the Big picture!

Tatjana is embroidering, Bär is doing care = Stickbär.

And so the Stickbaer was founded on April 7th 2007.

Now it was official and we started to sell my creations. I was happy about each single order.

And we added and added new collections. Not only applique, cross stitch and embroidery, we also started to In-The-Hoop projects and are happy to bring new techniques to our community.

Today we offer not less then 600 different collections, most of them in variations to you.

I want to thank you, dear readers and friends. I met so many lovely people, I am receiving so many friendly mails and comments that I cannot count.

To thank you all we have here the Stickbaer as Easter egg Bear.

The embroidery file for the 10x10cm hoop is done as applique. You can download it in various formats here:


Follow the steps below to embroider your bear:

Hoop the fabric very taut together with the stabilizer. Make sure that the hooped fabric does not have any wrinkles or is hooped loosely.

First we will embroider the baer, then the egg applique.

The machine will embroider a placement shape for the fabric placement of the applique.

Place the fabric over the outline and let the machine sew it onto the background fabric.

Remove the frame from the machine but not the project from the frame and trim the applique fabric back close to the stitches.

First, the machine will fixate the fabrics again with a zig- zag stitch and then with the satin stitch.

At the very end, the machine will embroider the last details of the design.

That’s it, your bear is done.

Enjoy your new motive.

Liebe Grüße


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8 Antworten zu „Der Stickbär has 10th Birthday“

  1. laurence

    Thank you very much

  2. Thank you, this is lovely!

  3. Joy Ferguson

    This is beautiful, thank you

  4. Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of stick bear.
    Nice to read your story behind the name „Stick Bear“.
    Hopefully go through many more years, with your beautiful work.
    Love 10tje

  5. Ann Hanks

    What a wonderful design. Thank you –
    Happy 10th.


  6. Gloria

    Thank you will love doing this one

  7. Beverly

    So adorable. Thank you

  8. Patricia Estes

    Happy 10th Birthday!! Thank you for the birthday bear!

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