Cute bakeries

Actually, I was always the old-fashioned cake baker.

        Sheet cake, yeast cake, normal cookies, Christmas cookies these was already the highlight of my decorated baking arts .

And now its my swedish friend Lotta’s fault, that I now have a whole drawer full of cake-decorating items.

But I will  report in the right sequence:

Lotta always finds the most amazing sites on the Internet and then send me the links. So recently I found this page:

Passion 4 Baking

WOW! I sat there for hours and had a look at this great site. And when I realized that the blogger Manuela Kjeilen „The back fairy very cute“ has published her first book in German, I ordered it.

(Actually, for a good friend, who should get it for a birthday, but that’s another story … I’ll have to order another book, because I keep this here!)


The best recipes for cupcakes, Tarts, macaroons and more are on the 284 pages of this beautifully designed book.

Yummi! I have to bake everything,


While running over the pages I found out very quickly that my kitchen isn’t good equipped to bake really nice looking cookies and cupcakes and decorate them.

So I have spent a week for upgrading my equipment for sugarbaking  a little bit.

 4 color fondant, various silicone molds for flowers and leaves, a Deco-Queen (piping bag along with several tips, there are perceived thousands, I found out), I now also have a muffin tin, a tiny mold for the finest writings, eatable glitter powder and pastel-colored food coloring.

Now I’am equipped and began making my first cupcakes.

I had the most fun in making the flowers and leaves using fondant and silicone molds a day earlier.




Some glitter…


 I’ve learned that you have to use the fondant adds CMC powder, so that the flowers are solid or just use flowers paste.

But for the start, I am more than happy, and these are my first flowers.


The next day I prepared the dough .

Before baking one has first to stir and because some batters actually need 7 minutes of stirring, I’m very happy about my Kitchen Aid.

TIn the meantime I greased the form, because even a silicone mold should be greased (as I now know).


This is the new mold I can use now.


It wasn’t easy to transport this little wobbly thing to the oven, it was a challenge. Next time I’ll put them just before at the baking sheet.

The result of 25 minutes baking looked very tasty.

The dough was already very delicious licked out from the bowl . With melted chocolate, real vanilla, strong coffee no wonder. These are all things that I likes otherwise too.


After cooling, the ising made of egg white, sugar, and vanilla came.

It must be stirred too even seven minutes, thanks to my beloved machine no problem for me.


And now on the cake, I could use my new Deco Queen for spraying the Ising.

Of which there are unfortunately no pictures because I needed both hands to do it.

But this was the result:


The flowers and leaves i have put at it too.


Next time i have to stir the ising more, because it was a little bit fluffy , put i am very proud of my first Cupcakes.


They tasted very well.


Next week there are flower cookies, with my new flower cutters.

Would you like to see them?

We will probably now increase 5 kg weight, but it’s worth it;-)

Love sweet greetings




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