Cross Stitches, Vintage.

Last week you loved our latest ITH collection „Nordish Cross Stitch ITH“ so much.

Many thanks for the warm emails, and thanks for your orders, of course.

The nostalgic charme of the ITH hearts and stars comes from their cross stitches, do you agree?

do you like to embroider them onto other things as well?

This week we have a full lineup of cross stitch designs for you.


They really can be used every where, they are so tiny and cute and fit into the smallest place.

Like this: Take some fabric remnants and create hangers for the christmas tree or labes for your christmas presents.

Or frame them into a wooden embroidery hoop.



I like the cross stitch motifs the most when they are done using 30 cotton thread.

Compare yourself! These tags are done with the 40 poly thread by Mettler:Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-5

The „Advent“ script and the motifs in the hoops I did with a cotton thread.

They are looking like they were made by hand.

Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-6Beides hat seinen Charme, findet Ihr nicht auch?

These wooden hoops I think are a good idea to present some embroidery works in a suitable way.

I change them depending from the time of the year and hang them onto the wall.Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-8

In the christmas time a perfect embellishment are bellsStickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-9 Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-10

This pillow cover is for my cherry pit pillow I am using in the evening to heal my aching from computer work neck.Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-2 Stickbaer-Nordish-Crossstitch-Tati-4Looks like handmade!

The complete selection comes with 16 different embroidery motifs, 5 ot hem are for the 13x18cm hoop, the others for the 10x10cm hoop.

So we offer a reduced collection for the 10x10cm hoop too.

Both collections are available from today in the Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy your weekend, use the time for embroidering!

Liebe Grüße



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