Cross stitch – Like handmade

Oh, I love cross stitch.

They remember me of the past, the real past, when I was not yet born.

They are so nostalgic. Sometimes I even do cross stitch embroidery by hand. But most of the time I am too impatient.

How about you? Do you want to create „handmade“ embroidery without spending so much time?

Maybe this is the right collection for you?

I put together for you 18 wonderful nostalgic and christmas motifs in cross stitch for 10x10cm and 13x18cm hoops. nl-vintage-crossstitch

And as an on-top 2 bonus files for the jumbo hoop.jumbo

Last week I gave another embroidery software course at  Stoffekontor in Leipzig (we had a lot of fun with the 12 participants) and there I found the right basis for my cross stitch project „Vintage Cross Stitch“: linen band.

They are perfect for this kind of embroidery. stickbaer-vintrage-crossstitch-tati-1

I simply embroidered the big heart onto the ends of the band …stickbaer-vintrage-crossstitch-tati-2

… and draped the band to a ribbon and put a tiny red-white checkered band on it.

A little red bell completes the work.stickbaer-vintrage-crossstitch-tati-3

And, does this look as made by hand? It took the machine only 6 minutes for one heart!


What shall I do with the time I get? Yes, embroider all the other lovely motifs 🙂

elchbaum sterne

The whole 18+2 collection „Vintage Cross Stitch“ is available today in our Stickbaer Shop.


By the way, cross stitch: Last week we had this released in our shop: gift (or for others) tags, completely done in the embroidery machine. You only have to attach them to your presents.


All in all 8 different cute tags that you can do in no time and give joy to your relatives or event the postman.


Or you use them with the „Vintage Cross Stitch Bags“.stickbaer-vintage-crossstitch-tags-6

You find them here in the Stickbaer

Did I say I love cross stitch? 😉

Enjoy your weekend!

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