Crochet Bags

Do you have a favourite hand crafting for the different times in the year?

I am crocheting and knitting only when it is warm, means in summer. Sounds strange? I simply need the bright sunlight and love it to do the work outside on the terace.

In winter I do not feel like doing knitting or crocheting. So when there are unfinished projects in autumn, they stay til next summer.

Thus sayed, here is my next embroidery file, in July.

The 5 different in size bags will be crocheted after embroidery with a small edge. The bag is completely done in the embroidery machine including the crochet support seam. The only thing left to do is to take the crochet needle and do a crochet edge according to our instruction.

And this is done in a little time only, so this project will be finished til autumn.NL-Crochet-Bags

We have a file for each hoop size, starting at 10x10cm up to the 20x30cm hoop.Stickbaer-Crochetbags-Tati-1

The bigger bags can be used for cosmetics.Stickbaer-Crochetbags-Tati-3

The one for the 13x18cm hoop is perfect to hide the lipstick, powder box and co. The 10x10cm size still keeps a lipstick or the bus ticket.Stickbaer-Crochetbags-Tati-4And all they are so cute. Stickbaer-Crochetbags-Tati-5

Each of the embroidery motifs differ a little bit.Stickbaer-Crochetbags-Tati-6

You can get each size separately or opt for a discount package.Stickbaer-Crochetbags-Tati-8

And since we have perfect crocheting weather (sun, bright, warm) this is the perfect July file 🙂

Get your choice today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Thelma Hardman

    I love the pattern and I would like to make it. Do you have the pattern handy?

    Please respond and thank you very much for you attention.

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