Baltimore Quilt Blocks

When you are a patchworker you of course know what  Baltimore Quilt is. This special kind of quilt motifs usualy is appliqued by hand. The motifs are symmetrical and you get floral blocks. These blocks can be combined together with other quilt blocks, maybe Log Cabin or Nine Patch. BTW, my first sewed quilt was a Baltimore.

Reality is, not all of us are exceptionally gifted patch workers. So what to do? Use your embroidery machine to get to a Baltimore block. From these blocks you then can sew pillow cases, blankets or even larger quilts. But there is no need to add other blocks, simply add some stripes around and you have created something beautiful.

Go and make use of your embroidery machine. It is there to carrie the work and let you focus on creativity.

I fiddled a bit around, did some artwork and digitizing, and here I am presenting the outcome:


With no hand work, only using your embroidery machine you can make quilt blocks based on our latest embroidery collection.

You can chose from 5 hoop sizes.

From 10x10cm up to 20x30cm we are covering a wide range.

Each file has 3 different corner blocks and 2 centre motifs. This opens tons of possible combinations.

This pillow I did from the 13x18cm file. The pillow has a size of 35x35cm.

Yes, done with the 13x18cm or 14x14cm hoop!



As a match I did this blanket using the files from the 20x30cm hoop size. The active space is 20x20cm.

The final size here is 46x46cm. By changing the size of the stripes or by adding more stripes you can vary the final size.






But you are right: What could I create from the 10x10cm file?


This pot holder is when ready 21x21cm!

So cute!


The pot holder perfectly matches the red pottery with white dots in my kitchen.


BTW, for the pot holder it took me 1 hour nearly.

You see, not to much.

And, you are right, at the end I did some quilting.

As usual.


Of course I have prepared a very detailled instruction for you, with many pictures. This should allow beginners to create their first quilt block.

And now the turn is on you. We have released the collection in 5 different hoop sizes and many sets for you today in our Stichbaer Shop.

Enjoy your weekend.

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