Der Stickbär has 10th Birthday

Already some time I did machine embroidery and created my own designs and digitized them. So my family and I decided to make a profession our of the hobby. The name Stickbaer, what means embroidery bear, came from my husband, who is my bear.

And since we, as a family are doing all things together we decided to run a family business in a little shop.

I am doing the creative part. I am creating the embroidery files by myself, most of the underlying sketches are done by me. All motifs will be embroidered. All photographs are shot by me.

The other, administrative part is done by my husband: the platform, functionality, the Big picture!

Tatjana is embroidering, Bär is doing care = Stickbär.

And so the Stickbaer was founded on April 7th 2007.

Now it was official and we started to sell my creations. I was happy about each single order.

And we added and added new collections. Not only applique, cross stitch and embroidery, we also started to In-The-Hoop projects and are happy to bring new techniques to our community.

Today we offer not less then 600 different collections, most of them in variations to you.

I want to thank you, dear readers and friends. I met so many lovely people, I am receiving so many friendly mails and comments that I cannot count.

To thank you all we have here the Stickbaer as Easter egg Bear.

The embroidery file for the 10x10cm hoop is done as applique. You can download it in various formats here:


Follow the steps below to embroider your bear:

Hoop the fabric very taut together with the stabilizer. Make sure that the hooped fabric does not have any wrinkles or is hooped loosely.

First we will embroider the baer, then the egg applique.

The machine will embroider a placement shape for the fabric placement of the applique.

Place the fabric over the outline and let the machine sew it onto the background fabric.

Remove the frame from the machine but not the project from the frame and trim the applique fabric back close to the stitches.

First, the machine will fixate the fabrics again with a zig- zag stitch and then with the satin stitch.

At the very end, the machine will embroider the last details of the design.

That’s it, your bear is done.

Enjoy your new motive.

Liebe Grüße


Christmas Freebie No. 3

Today I would like to thank you for the many lovingly written words to our last two Christmas freebies.

It’s really nice to see that we can give joy to you with our embroidery files.

 Of course we have a little freebie for you also this weekend.

The cute reindeer applique is for the 4×4″ hoop.

If you are new to satin applique we have prepared a special tutorial for you.

We also included a pdf file in the ZIP file that shows the sequence of the colors and areas. This you can see what needs to be done first, and you can prepare the applique fabrics and embroidery thread.

Here is the link to the download file that comes with the 7 most relevant file formats (ART, exp, pes, jef, hus, vp3 und dst) and the color and size overview:


We hope we met your taste this week as well and wish you fun when embroidering.

Have fun with the Reindeer and enjoy the 4rd Advent and the last week until christmas.

Liebe Grüße


The 2nd Stickbaer Christmas Freebie

Isn’t Christmas time the time of the angels?

In our house we have them everywhere:

The angel orchestra, made from fabric, as applique or embroidered.

Here are some of my favourites:


Of course with the Christmas tree.stickbaer-engelfreebie-5 So nice:stickbaer-engelfreebie-4

The angels orchestra is continuously growing year over year, some of the musicians are old, some are shining new.stickbaer-engelfreebie-3For me they are an important part of the time around christmas…stickbaer-engelfreebie-2

For you we created a special angel. It is from fabric, not from wood. You can embroider it.

The little Christmas Angel is for the 4×4″ hoop.

The dress applique are made with the open edge technique where the edges of the fabric fringe out. You’ve seen the same technique already last week with our Snowman Freebie.

Here is the link to the download file that comes with the 7 most relevant file formats (ART, exp, pes, jef, hus, vp3 und dst) and the color and size overview:


Have fun with the cute Christmas Angel and enjoy the 3rd Advent and the weekend.

Liebe Grüße



A 1st Christmas Freebie

Like every year in the time before Christmas we have prepared some surprises for you.

We want to thank you for the year you spent with us, and of course hope we will see you next year as well.

Our first gift is 2 snowmen embroidered as doodle applique.

You can embroider 2 files. The smaller motif is for the 10x10cm (4×4″) hoop, the bigger snowmen is for the 13x18cm (5×7″) hoop.

If you are new to applique we have prepared some tutorials for you. The appliques are made with the open edge technique where the edges of the fabric fringe out.


Here is the link to the download file that comes with the 7 most relevant file formats (ART, exp, pes, jef, hus, vp3 und dst) and the color and size overview:


Have fun with the snowmens and enjoy the 2nd Advent and the weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Cross stitch – Like handmade

Oh, I love cross stitch.

They remember me of the past, the real past, when I was not yet born.

They are so nostalgic. Sometimes I even do cross stitch embroidery by hand. But most of the time I am too impatient.

How about you? Do you want to create “handmade” embroidery without spending so much time?

Maybe this is the right collection for you?

I put together for you 18 wonderful nostalgic and christmas motifs in cross stitch for 10x10cm and 13x18cm hoops. nl-vintage-crossstitch

And as an on-top 2 bonus files for the jumbo hoop.jumbo

Last week I gave another embroidery software course at  Stoffekontor in Leipzig (we had a lot of fun with the 12 participants) and there I found the right basis for my cross stitch project “Vintage Cross Stitch”: linen band.

They are perfect for this kind of embroidery. stickbaer-vintrage-crossstitch-tati-1

I simply embroidered the big heart onto the ends of the band …stickbaer-vintrage-crossstitch-tati-2

… and draped the band to a ribbon and put a tiny red-white checkered band on it.

A little red bell completes the work.stickbaer-vintrage-crossstitch-tati-3

And, does this look as made by hand? It took the machine only 6 minutes for one heart!


What shall I do with the time I get? Yes, embroider all the other lovely motifs 🙂

elchbaum sterne

The whole 18+2 collection “Vintage Cross Stitch” is available today in our Stickbaer Shop.


By the way, cross stitch: Last week we had this released in our shop: gift (or for others) tags, completely done in the embroidery machine. You only have to attach them to your presents.


All in all 8 different cute tags that you can do in no time and give joy to your relatives or event the postman.


Or you use them with the “Vintage Cross Stitch Bags”.stickbaer-vintage-crossstitch-tags-6

You find them here in the Stickbaer

Did I say I love cross stitch? 😉

Enjoy your weekend!

Seid alle lieb gegrüßt



This Years Christmas Stocking

It already became a tradition that we in the time before christmas present a new Christmas Stocking  that you can embroider in your embroidery machine.

Back in 2010 we startet our series of ITH stockings that are completely done in your embroidery machine.

Here are some examples, like this 2013 stocking, a modern, stylish version:


The 2013 stocking had a little bird with a winter cap.


In 2014 another bird, no without the cap.


Last year, 2015, saw the stockings with Christmas baubles.


This year we present a deer to you:


He comes with a curly deer head. To this you can attach ribbons or bells.

Even when the whole stocking is made from wool felt: the front side applique’d with great fabrics. This method combines the stable stand of wool felt with great colored fabrics. Each stocking can look different.


We offer you different hoop sizes, from 13x18cm to 20x36cm. Sure your size is there.stickbaer-weihnachtsstiefel-2016-tati-4

You can stuff a lot into the large stocking:


But even the mid sizes can hold St. Nikolaus presents.

The small stocking could be used for an Advent calendar, maybe for the St. Nikolaus day?


Our latest embroidery file is waiting for you in our Stickbaer Shop. In 4 different sizes or as discount sets.

Enjoy your weekend!

Liebe Grüße



Shoe fun

I like shoes. Although my taste is different from my mates, nevertheless I like shoes!

I like most high quality shoes with soft leather that last many years. And they should have colored insoles!

Sometimes you get some with your new shoes, but usually they are really boring.

That’s why I am doing my insoles now myself.


They now perfectly match my shoes and are in the correct size.stickbaer-sohlenspass-tati-1

It is so easy …stickbaer-sohlenspass-tati-4

… that I have a big choice now:


Sure you found this embroidery file already in our shop. This is for most of the women sizes, each in 3 different designs, of course for left and right feet.


What I have today is “Happy Feet for Kids”.

Mom has it, so why not her daughter?


That’s why we added colorful insoles in sizes from 28, in 3 designs, for left and right feet.

All in all 48 files in one collection.

This makes kid’s shoes more colorful and even wearing slippers at home is OK now.


The finishing touch for cool boots!

And in gloomy autumn the insight of the kids is colorful.stickbaer-sohlenspass-kids-tati-5

It takes no time to embroider the insoles. Even without the attached instruction.stickbaer-sohlenspass-kids-tati-9

You only need the 16x26cm hoop to start.stickbaer-sohlenspass-kids-tati-10

Liquid Latex rubber stops the sliding of the insole.


One or two layers of the milky liquid, give it time to dry. Now you have rubberized insoles.


The embroidery file “Happy Feet for Kids” you can get from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy the weekend.

Liebe Grüße




Wonderful Autumn

Here I’m back again. Shame on me, I enjoyed this great summer so much and did not waste any thought on staying at the desk or computer.

And the last 3 weeks were the top of this summer: 3 weeks holiday, 3 weeks doing nothing serious, 3 weeks enjoying life. As the other years we spent a week at the Baltic Sea (although the travel here is quite long). The fresh air, the sea, the beach are gorgeous. Only walking and biking. Have you ever been cycling near the cliff line of isle Rügen?


The 2 other weeks we spent at home. We have the Bavarian Forest, the river Altmühl and Upper Bavaria right infront of the house. So we spent a lot of time with the best weather on motobike. And on our garden terace, being lazy, or doing BBQ, had some glasses of Rosé. What a holiday.

And now we are back and I promise to be more regularly on the Blog.

Let’s start with a new Autumn decoration. I started to prepare the house for autumn last week. Now it is the time for all the pumpkins, felt leaves and scarecrows.

And it happen to me that I was missing something special in my autumn box, so on sunday I started to sew the two leaves and the pumpkin.


Of course I was embroidering too, this new file:


This is a silhouettes file collection. But it is not a flat motive like you probably see a lot these days. They come with a lot of details, tone in tone. Very alive.

Can you see this at the mushrooms?stickbaer-scherenschnitte-herbst-tati-2

The felt base I wrapped around a jar, added a bell and a felt oak leave.

This gave me in a little time and with low effort a nice candle glass.stickbaer-scherenschnitte-herbst-tati-3

Here are some mugrugs and another candle cover.
stickbaer-scherenschnitte-herbst-tati-5Simply place a pillar candle into it.
stickbaer-scherenschnitte-herbst-tati-6 stickbaer-scherenschnitte-herbst-tati-7

On the backside you close the felt ring with a bow. So you can use it later for other size glasses too.stickbaer-scherenschnitte-herbst-tati-8 stickbaer-scherenschnitte-herbst-tati-9

All embroidery motifs I used for my new autumn deco you can find in our latest embroidery file “Autumn in Silhouettes”:


In no time you embroider all 12 motifs. No color change! But absolutely, try a multi color or glitter thread, especially for the maple leaf and the apple, this is looking magic.

From today on you can get the file in our Stickbaer Shop.

And now, enjoy the weekend, with a lot of late summer, early autumn sun!

Liebe Grüße




Handlook Flowers

By nature I am not a patient girl. Long running projects? Not with me! While doing a long running project there are so many new ideas coming to my mind that I cannot stop. A sad example is my Tiny Town Quilt project.

Maybe this changes when I am 70 or 80 or even 90? Maybe!

The good thing with this impatience is that I am always looking for new techniques. For example techniques to let the machine embroidery work look like it were made by hand. Let the machine do the work in short time, and my head is free again for new stuff.

This way I created the Handlook Flowers. They are a bit of a Baltimore quilt, a bit folk style embroidery. Anyhow, they look like they are made by hand with a thick wool thread. Here comes my new technique:NL-Handlock-Flowers

One of the large 18x18cm motifs in Baltimore style I put onto a pillow top.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-1

The 10×10 flower I did 3 times on a small bag.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-2

Together the are a nice couple.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-3

The green fabric of the pillow I added as a surrounding edge.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-4

Added some quilting to enhance the nostalgic look.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-5

First I did the pillow. I wanted to add a checker border.

However, the checker fabric now is the bottom of the bag.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-6

The backside of the bag has a quilted heart.

Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-7Again some quilting, I love this.
Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-8 Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-9

You get the best look when using cotton thread.

Or you use sewing silk or cotton sewing yarn. I took the Silk Finish of Mettler and Cotton of Sulky.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-10Just a hint:

I know many of you only clamp the stabilizer to save fabric and glue the fabric on.

This will not work here.

Always, for this kind of job, clamp the fabric together with the stabilizer to the hoop. The long running stitches are pulling the fabric a lot, so stabilizing is a key! Best it works with glue-on or iron-on stabilizer.


Do you like our new file?

It is waiting for you in our Stickbaer shop.

You can chose from:

  • a small collection for the 10x10cm hoop with 8 motifs
  • a collection with the above 8 motifs plus 5 files for the 13x18cm hoop
  • a bonus collection with the above 13 motifs and in addition 4 big Baltimore flowers for the 18x30cm hoop

Have a great weekend!

Liebe Grüße



Shabby HOME and Shabby LOVE

The last and this week we are dealing with letters, pillow covers and the shabby style.

Last week we showed to you the “Shabby HOME” files, you can get them already in our shop.


It is so easy: Embroider the 4 letters onto a piece of fabric and sew a pillow cover with this fabric. Already now you get an outstanding pillow.


What I added is a crocheted edge.Stickbaer-Shabby-Home-Tati2

Look at the many details, the heart at the H, the birdcage in the O…Stickbaer-Shabby-Home-Tati3

There is a little bird next tot the M…Stickbaer-Shabby-Home-Tati4 … and you find flowers on the E.Stickbaer-Shabby-Home-Tati5

As a supplement to the “Shabby-HOME” collection (that is available for the 4×4″ and the 5×7″ hoop) we are adding this week love, our “Shabby-LOVE” file:NL-Shabby-LoveStickbaer-Shabby-Love-Tati-2

I embroidered the letters from the 13x18cm file inline onto a plain fabric and added a piping around the pillow.Stickbaer-Shabby-Love-Tati-3

Also the love file has many details, like the little house, the rose tendrils on every letter and the birdie.Stickbaer-Shabby-Love-Tati-4Stickbaer-Shabby-Love-Tati-5

I replaced the “O” with a heart and the within the heart there is the script “Love” as well.

So much love around.

Both pillows give a perfect match, go and do them both!


Our latest embroidery file “Shabby LOVE” you can get in our Stickbaer Shop from today.

The weather outlok is not the best here for the weekend. So why not to use the time for embroidery work?

Enjoy your weekend, whatever your plans are.

Liebe Grüße